Being a member of BMX Australia has never been easier than with the official BMXA App!

Everything from signing up as a new member for the first time, to finding a list of accredited coaches and entering events can be done with the app.

iOS users can download the BMXA App in the Apple App Store, while Android users cam get it on Google Play.

Importantly, members will need the App by no later than September 2018, when production will cease of membership hard cards. These will be replaced by a ‘virtual card’, which will be stored online and will display information about whether a rider, coach or official membership is valid, suspended or expired.

In the instances where a member is a rider, coach and official or a combination of any two, the validity of memberships is shown on the card.

At present multiple memberships cannot be viewed with a single log in. This development is coming in 2018, which will particularly help parents who have multiple children riding.