Level 2 Coach

The Level 2 BMX Coaching Course (L1 BMX) has been developed by BMX Australia (the National Sporting Organisation for BMX in Australia) in line with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Guidelines for the Design and Registration of NCAS & NOAS Accreditation Programs,

This coaching course provides coaches with opportunities to learn, to study and be assessed for both the theoretical and practical aspects of coaching elite BMX riders.


The Level 2 BMX is a coaching course where the aim of the Coach is to develop and support higher performing Riders who are competing at National Championships. The Rider will be at the Racing to WIN development stage and a Coach at this level has the underpinning knowledge for coaching an emerging elite young athlete who seeks to represent Australia at Junior or Elite BMX National and International events.

The coaching course provides in-depth information on the physiology and physiological assessment, performance monitoring and assessment, sports psychology in BMX, advanced racing skills and race preparation, and recovery and crisis management of the injured rider.

The Level 2 BMXA Coaching Course is currently under review.