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Welcome to the BMX Australia Coaches portal page.

On this page you will find information on BMX Australia’s coaching policies, helpful information on the requirements of being a BMXA coach and information regarding further education.


A BMXA coach must adhere to the following number of riders in a coaching group to have their coaching sessions covered by BMXA insurance.

BeginnerBMX Coach 1 Coach = up to 8 riders
2 Coaches = up to 16 riders
Level 1 Coach 1 Coach = up to 8 riders
  • Coaches = up to 16 riders


  • Duty of Care

As the responsible person supervising and controlling a BMX coaching session, the Coach is expected to discharge a duty of care to all associated or interacting with the coaching session or activity.
A Coach needs to ask the following questions when undertaking any activity associated with the coaching session.

  • Do I owe a duty of care to the participant and if so, is the risk of any injury reasonably foreseeable?

A duty of care depends on establishing some relationship between the parties. If an injury occurs, the courts will ask whether the relationship between the parties was such that the defendant should have foreseen that his or her negligent act would lead to the damage suffered by the participant. Although the question needs to be answered for each situation, it would be reasonable for the Coach to assume that they do owe a duty of care to their riders who are participating in a coaching session they are holding.

  • What is the standard of care that must be achieved?

The test for the required standard of care is how a reasonably prudent person would have acted in the same situation. The law has developed this reasonable person test but what is reasonable will depend on the particular circumstances existing at the time. For example the standard may vary depending upon:
• The type of activity – Generally, the more hazardous or risky the activity is deemed to be, the greater the duty of care that is owed to the participant
• The age of the participant – Generally, the younger the participant, the greater the duty of care that is owed.
• The Coaches level of training and experience – The more highly trained and experienced a person is the greater standard of care that is expected. For example, a higher standard of care would be expected from a Level 1 Coach than from a BEG Coach.

  • What steps can I take to avoid the foreseeable risk of harm or injury?

Coaches should take all reasonable steps to prevent injury or accidents. To help establish the ‘reasonable steps’ a Coach should work within the Club’s risk Management Plan for the coaching program or activities conducted.

  • What Skills Can a BMXA Accredited Coach Teach

The table below outlines the skills each level an accredited BMXA coach is permitted to teach, their role in the athlete pathway and the level of rider normally coached. Coaching outside of the skills and remit below will void a coach’s BMXA insurance coverage.

  BEG Lvl 1 Lvl 2
Community Coach Level 1
Current First Aid Certificate
Up to Date CPR
WWCC check or Exemption
ASADA Level 1
ASADA Level 2

Riding for FUN
Gate start
Track navigation
Riding in groups
Basic bike skills
Balancing skills
Bunny Hops
Riding to RACE
Racing Tactic
Sprinting On & Off track
Off bike fitness/cross training exercises
Session, season, annual training plans
Racing to WIN
Performance testing
Pro jumping
Fundamentals of Psychology
Injury management
Periodised training
Nutrition planning
Resistance training
8m Start Hill

BMX Coaching Definitions
An accredited coach can work with all riders of any age and ability; but
must remain inside the scope of the skills they are accredited to deliver.
A Trainee Level 1 Coach can coach Level 1 skills once they have
completed their 10hrs of assisting a Level 1 accredited coach. However,
an accredited Level 1 Coach must be in the vicinity of their coaching
session, be aware it is taking place and sign the Log Sheet as the
supervising Coach.

Riding for FUN - the role of the coach is to:
- increase participation
- encourage athletes to have fun while learning fundamental skills
Typically the Rider will be at mini-wheeler, sprocket or just starting
out/entry level BUT a BEG coach can work with Riders of any ability
within the scope of their accredited skills.

Riding to RACE - the role of the coach is to:
- prepare and introduce Riders to racing including building fitness,
developing and refining skills.
Typically the Rider will be at club level through to state/territory
championship level.

Racing to WIN - the role of the coach is to:
- develop and support higher performing Riders who are competing
at BMX National Championships.
A Level 2/Racing to Win Coach has the underpinning knowledge for
coaching an emerging elite young Rider who seeks to represent
Australia at Junior or Elite international events.

A Trainee Level 2 Coach may coach the same skills as a Level 2 Coach.

Become an Accredited BMXA Coaching Course Presenter

Interested in becoming a presenter of BMXA Coaching Courses?  The role is a rewarding one and we are sure you will enjoy the challenges and opportunities it provides.

Why become a Presenter and Assessor?

  • Opportunity to educate and up-skill BMX coaches.
  • Remuneration for your time presenting and assessing the training programs.
  • BMXA branded Polo to wear when presenting.
  • Invitations to attend BMXA ongoing Presenter and Assessor education and training (when held).


What is expected of me as a Presenter and Assessor?

  • Provide details of your availability for Coaching Courses in your State to allow Coaching Course dates to be set.
  • Maintain your coach accreditation (and its pre-requisites) .
  • Maintain your BMX Australia membership annually.
  • Attendance as required at updating workshops and BMX Australia coach education conferences.
  • Be willing to travel to present Courses and perform post-Course assessments as required.
  • Maintain and wear provided Presenter/Assessor clothing appropriately.
  • Be a positive representative of BMX Australia.

Presenter and Assessor Requirements


  • Current Member of BMX Australia.
  • Accredited BMXA coach a level above or equal (but with extensive experience) to the Level  you will present and assess.
  • Presenter and Assessor Training Qualifications (see list below for acceptable qualifications)
  • Coaching experience in the relevant discipline (except in certain modules).
  • State/ Territory Background Check (Working with Children Check).


  • Tertiary qualification in sports science, human movement or a related field
  • A letter of support/endorsement from your State/Territory/National Organisation if requested.
  • Experience as a BMX rider.
Acceptable Presenter and Assessor Training
Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
ASC Presenter/Assessor
Teaching Qualification
State Sport and Recreation Assessor/Presenter Course


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