Your accreditation as a BMXA coach lasts for four-years.

Re-accreditation as a BMXA Coach ensures continuation of coaching insurance coverage under BMX Australia’s Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Personal Injury insurance for any coaching you undertake.

At the end of the four-years, you will be asked to provide information regarding your coaching activities during the past four-years.

Prior to commencing your re-accreditation please make sure you have a valid BMX Australia Membership. Click here to renew Membership if required.

Please submit copies of the documents outlined below via email to prior to the expiry of your current qualification or as soon as possible if your accreditation has expired.

Coach Re-Accreditation Checklist Click here

Re-Accreditation Request and Code of Behaviour Click here

A letter from your Club/State/TerritoryOrganisation on Letterhead confirming you are an active BMXA coach.

Coaching log outlining your coaching activities during the past four-years

UpdatedFirst Aid Certificate(including CPR) if your current FA has expired.

Updated State/ Territory Working with Children Check (or Statutory Declaration if in WA with a Child in BMX) if your current WWCC/Check has expired.

ASC Community Coaching General Principles Certificate of completion if not already completed Click here

For Level 1 Coaches only – ASADA Level 1 Anti-Doping Certificate of Completion if not already completed. Click here

Once your re-accreditation paperwork has been received by BMX Australia, please allow up to 4 weeks for your re-accreditation to be processed and confirmation that your re-accreditation has been successful.

Please note – if your accreditation has expired, you are unfortunately unable to coach as BMXA’s insurance will not provide cover for you.

For more information please email or call (02) 9008 1300.