4 Month Licence

The 4-month licence is an introduction membership, and allows a rider to experience BMX as a trial. The aim of this introductory membership is to allow new riders unlimited access to try BMX for 4 months before deciding to join as a member for 12 months. This membership is aimed at riders to try BMX at a beginner club level.
*Please note: Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.*
  The below guidelines provide further information on the membership:
This membership is an open membership and therefore members can ride at club and state level, however will not be eligible to ride at State Titles and National events.
Following the 4-month introductory period the member is then eligible to become a full member (only Open or Sprocket, NOT club) and they will receive a $20 discount off the cost of their full 12 month membership.
Only new riders can apply for this membership (no renewals).
This membership is only allowed to be purchased once by the rider.