Race Plates

As a member of BMX, you’ll need a race plate, which is attached to the front of your bike.

For the allocation of your Race Plate number, the process depends upon your State – please see below:

Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania

If you are a member of the above states, please speak to your Club’s Registrar or a Committee Member to select a race plate number within your club.

South Australia and Victoria

In SA and VIC, you will be notified of your race plate number within 1-2 weeks of becoming a member through email. The email will advise your Race Plate Number, the colour of your race plate and other important information about being a BMXA member in SA and VIC.  Your race plate number will also be updated on your BMXA member profile.

Western Australia

In WA, your BMXA member profile will be updated with your allocated race plate number within 1-2 weeks of joining BMX Australia. Please contact BMX WA if your profile has not been updated.

SEAL Custom BMX Race Plates is  a supplier of BMX Australia Official Race Plates. CLICK HERE to grab your race plate or design your own custom BMX race plate.

Please find below the colour race plate you will need to purchase:

Yellow: Men/Boys open age classes of 8 years old and above.
Orange: Sprocket riders/Boys and Girls of ages 7 and below.
Blue: Women/Girls open age classes of 8 years old and above.
Red: Any gender, competing on a 24 inch wheel size bike.
Purple: Mini Wheelers/ Kids competing on a balance / walking bike without pedals.
Green: Riders competing in the novice class age classes.

Note: If you are a 4-month Open or Sprocket Rocket member, please purchase the race plate colour applicable to an Open or Sprocket Rocket  membership. For example if you are over 8 years, purchase an open colour race plate.