There’s a buzz at Macarthur BMX Club with confirmation that the Camden Council will invest $1.67million into an upgraded club facility…Advance to GO and collect $200.

As it happens, hard work does pay off and now the future beckons for Macarthur BMX Club after the Camden Council made a unanimous decision to award the club more than a million dollars to upgrade their facility.

The decision will allow Macarthur BMX to relocate their track on their current site at Kirkham Park, Elderslie, in Sydney’s southwest, assuming the position once occupied by the netball club. In the works are plans for an expanded track as well as eight and five metre start hills.

Unsurprisingly, club president Fred Furner said that he hopes the club will attract world-class riders and events to their track with the planned upgrades.

“We want to build a world class facility that will attract professional athletes of all levels,” Furner told the Wollondilly Advertiser.

“I feel pretty happy for the club, for the Camden community and for BMX in Australia”

When speaking with BMX Australia, Furner continued to say that he had high hopes for the club, which is one of the biggest in the nation.

“Our facility is 20 years old, and in it’s current guise there is no room for expansion,” he said.

Don’t take the above image as gospel, but it’s just one idea on the table in the very early planning stages of what might be in store for Macarthur BMX Club! (PIC: Supplied)

“We want to move into the future, we want a bigger start hill and the opportunity to build something that is a showpiece for Camden and BMX.

“Currently we’re speaking with track designer Brett Barnes and he has several ideas. With these changes we have our eyes on hosting a round of the Australian National Series, and a National Championships in the future.”

However the significant funding boost wasn’t always earmarked for the BMX club. Originally Macarthur BMX had been awarded $67,000, but more funding became available when the PCYC decided that it no longer wanted to build a facility in Kirkham Park.

The decision to re-allocate those funds to the BMX club was something of a fait accompli. It also meant that Furner and the team at Macarthur BMX were able to expand on their lofty plans to not only cater for the best riders in the nation, but also those who will be riding to Olympic gold medals in the decades to come.

“If funding allows, which it should, we want to build a new pump track and jump track as well,” Furner added when speaking to the Wollondilly Advertiser.

“The jump track will have a smaller section for beginners too.”

Currently the upgrades to the Macarthur facility are in the early concept phase, but will form part of the Kirkham Park Masterplan design.

For any BMX members out there thinking of moving to the great southwest of Sydney in the next 12 months, it looks like Pall Mall is about to become Mayfair.

It’s exciting times for Macarthur BMX Club.

(COVER PIC: Macarthur BMX Club Facebook page)