Don’t go overboard just because it’s the state titles.

COMPETITION DATES: Saturday September 30 & Sunday October 1

LOCATION: Macarthur BMX Club



10 pro tips from Luke Madill for EVERY rider:

10. What to pack

Don’t go overboard just because it’s the state titles. Treat this like a normal race and pack everything you would for another event. If you start throwing in extra items it means your beginning to heighten expectations. Keep it calm, you’ve done this before.

09. When to arrive

The key to avoiding being in a rush is always aiming to arrive an hour, or 45 minutes ahead of your scheduled practice session, minimum. That way you have time to set up and relax.

08. What to eat throughout the day

This really depends on the rider. Some don’t like eating, but you still need sustenance. I recommend using a liquid supplement for those riders, such as Sustagen or Up and Go’s.

Otherwise it’s simple. Pack fruit, sandwiches and muesli bars and graze slowly throughout the day. Don’t eat big meals, and don’t eat right before an event. Be smart about food intake.

07. Quirks of the track

Macarthur presents a tough track. There are more turns than a normal track, so this one favours a smart rider who comes in with a tactical plan. It’s not just about who is the fastest.

06. The best approach to racing

Just like packing your bag, you need to approach racing like it is at any other event or a training session. Take the time to plan each race. If you make a mistake in your first moto, plan to fix it in your second one and improve.

You might have a goal to reach the final, but until you’re there, don’t consume your time making a race plan for it.

05. What happens if you make a final

Again, it comes back to the same principle as packing. When you make it to the final don’t do anything different to what you have been doing. You got there with a plan that works, so it’s not the time to try something new.

A lot of people make errors in the final because they simply try too hard or have in their head that they will ride faster than ever before. Just play it cool.

04. Worrying about your rivals

It’s hard not to think about rivals when you’re racing, or about who is going fast. Control the controllable elements only when you race. When you get on the gate only focus on riding your best lap. No matter the result, no one can ask any more of you.

If your best lap didn’t win it, you couldn’t have done anything more.

03. How to win and lose with dignity

Try and keep it all on the track.

Get to the line and congratulate everyone in the race. If you’re upset or unhappy with your performance, take five minutes to yourself to have a think about it.

But ultimately you need to let it go. It’s just a race, there will be more of them and you will get another shot.

02. Remember who to thank

The people that supported you, those you believe who helped you get to the event, and to enjoy the weekend are the ones to thank. Parents, officials, coaches, volunteers, other riders. They helped make the experience, show them some gratitude.

01.  It’s about the love of being on your bike

Corny, yes. But if you’re not having fun at any type of event, your results will lack and your time in the sport will not be memorable for the right reasons.

It has to be fun first for the result to come to fruition.