A clash for cash… a LOT of cash!

Alongside the opportunity to seize valuable points during stage 6 of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series at the Southern City BMX Club in Tasmania, the BMXA family has the chance to compete in the Clash for Cash which has a $10,000 prize pool of winnings for the taking!

The event will take place on Sunday September 22 – the day after the national series stage – and is open to riders of all ages and abilities. From mini-wheelers to sprocket rockets, as well as 8-16 yrs 20inch, junior cruiser, 17+ open wheel challenges, junior and senior retro and of course male and female superclass aged 15+.

Club member Nathan Maynard has been the back bone of this event, approaching the committee to hold it on the national series weekend.

“We do a Clash for Cash every year and we normally raise $1,500 for it. I was in a committee meeting and I thought because we have a national series stage coming up, why don’t we hold our Clash for Cash that weekend?” Maynard said.

“We managed to get over $10,000 from sponsors and thought that this was a great opportunity to showcase our club and its track.

“We have new berms, a new Madill gate and even new lights. It’s going to be fantastic.”

Before the Clash for Cash gates drop, Southern City are holding a Saturday night party to make stage 6 of the national series, the best one of the year.

“Saturday night is going to be a party atmosphere at the track,” Maynard continued.

“We will have three spit roasts, a movie and we can use the tennis courts which are close to the track. It’s going to feel like a festival and we hope it really leaves a mark on visiting riders and their families with them going away saying ‘wow, what a weekend!’.”

The prize money winnings will be divided up amongst the competitive classes competing while the participation classes will receive awards.

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