The safety of BMXA riders is one of our top priorities and the team from 1300 Medics are some of the best in the business.

COVER PIC: Managing director of 1300 Medics, Ethan Dooley ensuring the best possible medical services at Frankston BMX Club for round two of the 2018 BMXA National Series. (pic courtesy of ProLab Projects)

Now that the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series has been announced, we’re also pleased to confirm that 1300 Medics will be trackside looking after our riders once again.

If you have been part of the 2018 national series, you will have noticed people dressed in navy who are quickly on the scene whenever one of our riders goes down.

Their professionalism and duty of care is what gives our riders (and their parents) the confidence they require to focus on the most important thing… racing!

The strong relationship between BMXA and 1300 Medics is approaching the six year mark with nothing but positive responses flowing in from members around Australia and beyond.

Managing Director of 1300 Medics, Ethan Dooley has a deep connection to BMX in Australia and enjoys being part of the special community.

“The key word is that sense of community,” Dooley said.

“Everyone supports one another and it’s a fantastic atmosphere for the kids.

“It’s a safe environment to develop as an individual and I think that’s what’s different to other sports.”

Dooley and his team are a cut above the rest. Unlike other medical services, the 1300 Medics team are all tertiary trained paramedics meaning that they have had university education for three or four years with full qualifications.

Based in Queensland, the team work with numerous scenarios alongside sporting events like BMX. They are also seen at concerts and music Festivals, dance parties and raves, other mass gathering events and film/television productions.

BMX Australia are very excited to have 1300 medics at their side for another year of BMX racing and we encourage all members to stop and say hi to the team at our events as they are as much a member of the BMXA team as you are.