For all BMX Australia events, the professionals of 1300 medics will be there to look after our riders.

Making our riders feel safe and confident when they hit the track is always a top priority as an organisation. For this to happen we require professionals who know their trade and can assist any rider who is in need of it.

1300 Medics has had a strong relationship with BMX Australia for the last five years and are contracted to attend each and every one of the BMXA National Series events in 2018 and our national championships this week.

Katie and Tom from 1300 Medics at the Bunbury track.

The managing director, Ethan Dooley, has been a paramedic since 2011 and has been involved in the delivery of first aid since he was 11-years-old. Starting as an ambulance cadet, he has worked his way up completing nursing and paramedic training.

“The key thing that makes us different to our providers is the fact that we are all tertiary trained paramedics, meaning that we have had university education for three or four years with full qualifications.”

Based in Queensland, 1300 Medics has worked with the state clubs for a long period of time and fully appreciate the special community that is prevalent around our sport.

“The key word is that sense of community,” Dooley continued. “Everyone supports one another and it’s a fantastic atmosphere for the kids.”

“It’s a safe environment to develop as an individual and I think that’s what’s different to other sports.”

Teamwork within BMX is vital and that includes our relationship with 1300 Medics. Having confidence in those around you creates a special connection which empowers the team to do their best and support one another.

“We have a great rapport with the officials and the parents which means you really feel like you’re part of the team.”

At our events, you’ll see the navy dressed medical team spread out across the tracks ready to provide medical attention immediately. Sitting down with Dooley, his process for every day of racing is as follows.

“Caffeinate is the most important rule, once that’s done we come together as a team to go through the day and set up the medical centre while orientating ourselves with the track”

Once sufficiently energised, a briefing is then held including radios and what the expectations are throughout the day which consists of knowledge about the track and the pre-positioning of equipment.

“Once the briefing is done we get out there and start looking after the riders from the warm up onwards”

Having full confidence in our medical team means that our focus can go towards other important factors which contribute to running a successful and enjoyable event.

If you pass one of our 1300 medics, don’t hesitate to stop and say hi. They are as much a part of our BMXA family as you are!