Make yourself familiar with the rules that govern BMX in Australia in 2018

The 2018 BMX Australia rulebook has been released, with a number of changes included that will impact next year’s nationally run events, as well as promoting rider development in novice classes.

You can download a copy of the 2018 BMX Australia rulebook HERE. Changes for the new year are marked in red. All riders, officials, coaches and parents are encouraged to take the time to read the rule book.

Key among the changes is the change to Rule 20 precluding all novice or Sprocket classes at Category R (regional), Category S (State Series, State Challenge, Inter Regional, State/Territory Open), Category ST (State/Territory titles), Category NS (National Series, Regular National Open races) and Category CN (National Championship) events from using an interlocking pedal-cleat system.

Interlocking pedal-cleat systems may still be used at Category C (Club) events. This change has been made after significant consultation with national level coaches, who believe that clip pedals promote incorrect skill technique to beginner’s riders, and are hampering the future development of riders.

Next year’s rules also make a positive step forward for Masterclass level riders, with the creation of a ‘Masters 1’ and ‘Masters 2’ class. Masters 1 will be for riders aged 30-34, and will ride a 20-inch wheel only. Masters 2 riders will be 35 and over, and will ride an open wheel event.

The move to split the class is to provide a more competitive outlet for those riders who may have finished their time in Superclass or Elite classes, and wish to race in an environment similar to the one they have come from.

As such, Masters 1, championship classes and pro classes, which includes Superclass (14+ pro open) and A/AA pro, will be eligible to ride pro straights in 2018 in accordance with Rule 26. In instances where Masters 1 are under subscribed, they will merge with Superclass. Under subscription in Masters 2 will see that class merged with Masters 1 under Rule 7, ‘Combination Rules’.

Other notable updates to the BMXA rulebook include additions to Rule 23 – the final classification of a BMX event, and Rule 56 – Number Plate – with the inclusion of a provision mandating that a rider may ride with a plate achieved at an event class equal to or higher than the one they are competing in. Examples of correct use include a world plate being used at a CN event, or Australian plate being used at an ST event.

Incorrect application of this rule would be an ST category plate used at a NS or CN event.

Additionally, riders should note that under Rule 57, it is their sole responsibility to ensure that a transponder is correctly affixed to their bike and is operational.


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