Containing all the important information for riders so that all the boxes are ticked before race day.

With our biggest event on the calendar under 20 days away, it’s time to get down to the important information that you – all our riders and their supporters – need to know, which will help you be prepared for what to expect on track.

The event officially begins on Monday March 19, when state teams hold their official practice sessions at Bunbury BMX Club. However, riders will be able to register for the event from 3pm local time on Sunday March 18. REMINDER: All riders must have registered before jumping on track during the nationals week, including state sessions.


But before all the excitement on the track gets underway, make sure that everything is prepared so that when you do turn up to ride on the track two hours south of Perth, all your focus can be on the riding, not the administration of riding.

Included in the Final Riders Instructions is:

General Information – These are just some quick guidelines on what can and can’t be brought into the BMX Precinct as well as other important FYI’s.

Eligibility – You must bring your riders licence with you, or have it immediately available on the BMXA App when registering. This is to ensure that you can be signed off as a current and eligible rider at the point of registration for the event.

Registration times – these are incredibly important. See the event schedule (below).

Technical Requirements – Information including who will be governing the event, the rule books to be referred to during the event and how classes, transfers and scoring will work.

Awards – Awards include: a National Champion jersey to 1st place, medals to 1st – 3rd, Plates and trophies to 1st – 8th place. Prize money for Championship and Master classes are as per entry form. All money will be processed via EFT. To make sure you get an award, turn up to the ceremony, otherwise you will not receive it! (Includes the cash!)

Race plates – The race plates supplied from registration will be used for the entire national championships event – including Oceania Continental Championships. Practice will be refused if the incorrect number is displayed and/or if the incorrect transponder is fitted to the bike.
Your plate will look cool! Don’t add any alterations and stickers to it otherwise you won’t race.

Jerseys – Read up on what jerseys you can and can’t race with. The only class that doesn’t have any restrictions are Challenge class riders. So if you are a championship class rider, pay attention to the detail on what your jersey is and is not permitted to have on it.

Scoring and Transponder – A finish line camera system will be in place for the entire 2018 National Championships. So transponders are a must and riders are responsible for ensuring they bring their own transponder, and that it is in working order. Make sure that you are prepped and ready to go with your transponder.

Starting Lanes and Positions – This includes information on how the gate start positions are determined for each day of competition.

Transponder information – just a reminder to test your transponder and make sure that the rider’s name, class and race number is displayed correctly. The document includes information on how to check your transponder is working.

THE SCHEDULE!!!! – It’s HERE! Remember that these times may change at very short notice so please stay tuned to all our social media platforms.


Throughout your time at the 2018 BMXA National Championships, all announcements regarding racing and scheduling will be made on the Facebook EVENT page. You can see that HERE.

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