Two thirds of the year has almost passed and we are already looking towards 2020 and our national events calendar, including our annual showpiece, the BMXA National Championships.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Get Snapt

Running an event the size of our national championships takes considerable planning and comes with a heavy financial burden and so, in recent years BMXA have looked to offset some of that cost by forming commercial partnerships to support the event.

The most obvious commercial partner for any sport or community event is a local or state government, who are willing to spend money to attract large groups of people into their region.

While these partnerships can be fruitful for both parties, they take time to engage, negotiate and bring to a mutually agreeable contract.

There are usually many stakeholders involved, from local, state and sometimes federal level. There are considerations for clubs and state associations, other sponsors and a myriad of other factors are at play.

It is a worthwhile but challenging exercise. Usually the negotiations are done in private and are highly confidential for a variety of reasons, mostly political. Sometimes these governments will only work a year or less in advance so that can complicate things too.

That is where we sit now when we look at 2020. We are in negotiations with a government that we are very keen to partner with and we are working with some of the many stakeholders that need to be involved.

We are not however in a position to divulge where that government sits, given the need for the confidentiality mentioned above.

We are also very aware of the frustration our community is feeling by not knowing where and when the nationals will be next year.

In a perfect world we would have already been in a position to announce both those details but we all know life is not always that easy.

What we are able to announce, pending approval from the UCI, is that the 2020 BMXA National Championships will be held between March 23-28*.

While we continue to work hard to ensure the financial viability of the national championships and the sport in general, we ask for your patience in awaiting the venue announcement.

*Please note, while we do not expect the date to change, BMXA still needs to have the date ratified by the UCI.

Martin Shaw – CEO of BMX Australia