“We love BMX, but as they say… the journey is half the fun!”

When looking at the 2019 BMX season, it’s easy to point out the large number of families who have journeyed across the country for racing and one particular event they couldn’t get enough of was the BMXA BAD BOY National Series.

One such group are the Fox’s from Happy Valley.

Father Craig and his children Jayden, Kyle and Teagan, have been a big part of the national series, road tripping to the majority of the stages for the sheer reason of what competing in BMX brings… joy.

Driving the way was Craig, who had L-plater Jayden as his DJ for the majority of the trips as they travelled around the country.

While Craig doesn’t race, Jayden took to the gate in the 17-24 men’s category, competing in stages four to seven while also having a superclass appearance at the first stage in Sydney.

At the conclusion of the series in Canberra last weekend, it was Jayden who claimed the 17-24 men’s national series title, while fellow SA rider Brayden Porter settled for second, only 18 points behind him.

For Craig, he simply loves BMX and every facet that comes with it.

“We’ve travelled to five of the seven national series stages as well as some interstate events as well and the reason we do it is very similar to everyone,” Craig said.

“It’s purely for the camaraderie, exposing Jayden and the other riders to lots of competition, lots of different tracks, and we love showing the commitment we have to the sport.“

Missing stage 2 in Perth and stage 3 in Ipswich, the Fox’s flew to stage 1 in Sydney and stage 4 in Darwin before deciding to road trip the rest of the series after their SA stage at the end of August.

The pair travelled to Hobart for stage 6, before getting back in the car on Sunday night to return home on Monday.

They were back at home for a week before making a two day trip up to Darwin for the state titles while also taking the opportunity for some tourism.

“Then a week and a half after getting home from Darwin, we left for Canberra on Thursday night to arrive for the national series practice on Friday,” Fox said.

“In the last five weeks since Tassie, we have clocked under 13,000km’s in five weeks and we have loved every part of it.”

While they have clocked an enormous amount of km’s in 2019, the Fox’s are no strangers to it with the family doing six of the seven rounds of the national series last year, as well as the drive to Bunbury for the 2018 nationals.

“In the last year since we started doing the driving, we have clocked nearly 50,00km’s,” Craig said.

“The kids and I much prefer to drive than fly to events. They get bored and would much rather look out the window and enjoy the drive. The journey is half the fun they say, and we have had a great time this year.”


Craig may not be on the gate with a BMX bike, but he’s been heavily involved with the sport in another way by donning the red shirt volunteering his time as an official.

“I’ve officiated at every event I’ve been to this year,” Craig continued.

“I always put my hand up and I enjoy officiating. Keeps me involved in the sport and I like keeping it fair.

“Some people say how do I officiate when my kids are on track? I tell them I’ve had to regulate my children sometimes and it’s difficult… but rules are rules.

“Most of the time they completely understand why and if they don’t, I explain it to them. They can get a bit upset but when you explain it to them, they eventually get it.”

At the end of the day, they do it because it’s good fun and love every part of it.

“We have made a massive group of friends from all over the country through these events and I love seeing my kids and their friends all hanging out and having fun,” Craig said.