We know jumping on the track can overcome your need to eat, so try out these snack options.

The New South Wales Institute of Sport has put together some great snack options for those athletes who are always on the go and need a healthy kick start before, during and after physical exercise.

In light of our national championships in Bunbury this week, we have provided one of their many suggestions which assist athletes in filling their appetites without impacting on their activities.

These snacks are going to be really great on keeping our riders prepped and ready to go on the track. Plus keep them happy too!

NSWIS says that, “at times it’s better to eat something than nothing at all.” Check out their 9 easy snack option list below.

  1. A bread roll, raisin toast, scone or non-iced apple scroll from a bakery – Pre training option
  2. 300ml of 100% fruit juice – Pre Training option
  3. Medium size low fat smoothie
  4. Tub of yoghurt from supermarket
  5. Sushi – Limit choices with mayo
  6. Low fat flavoured milk or large coffee/hot choc
  7. Ham or chicken salad wrap or sandwich
  8. Ice cream – paddle pop/small frozen yoghurt
  9. Regular skim coffee or hot chocolate + raisin toast.

Now you see some pretty interesting food choices there including ice cream and flavoured milk. But these nutrition options are for those busy athletes who train (or race) up to four or five hours a day!

For more information on the New South Institute of Sport and their dietary suggestion click HERE

Featured Image: NSWIS Website