Rivalries in sport often bring out the best in athletes and when two neighbouring states go head to head for supremacy, the competition is almost always going to be close!

COVER PIC: Matty Tidswell competing at the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Championships at the Shepparton BMX Club. (Pic courtesy Get Snapt)

The South Australia vs Victoria BMX event, which took place at the Blue Lake Club in Mount Gambier on the same weekend as round four of the BMXSA State Series, was one such event, the final result coming right down to the wire.

There were over 215 entries recorded for the event, with riders competing in classes ranging from superclass to the shredders on mini wheelers. The competitive classes, all 22 of them, had riders battling to the finish line in attempt to earn their state a successful win.

Some of those winning riders flew their new 1A plate with pride, after taking out the national title in Shepparton a couple of weeks ago.

Among them was 13-boy’s rider Joshua Jolly, from Knox BMX Club, who won not only his 20-inch, but also the cruiser class as well.

Watch his final from nationals below!

The final tally saw South Australia on top with 12 winning riders from Victoria’s ten.

The difference?

The men’s and women’s superclass, with Tea Tree Gully’s Marisa Peressoni taking the top spot on the women’s podium ahead of Happy Valley’s Georgia Potter and fellow club rider Jaimee Banning.

On the men’s ledger, flying his newly acquired junior elite men’s 1A plate was The Cove’s Matthew Tidswell, who has continued his fine form from Shepparton to take the win, with Sunbury’s Joshua McDermott in second and Happy Valley’s Jordan Elburn in third.

Watch his final from nationals below!

The winning riders from each state can be see below as well as a full list of results – HERE.

South Australia

  • Matthew Tidswell: Superclass men (The Cove BMX Club)
  • Marisa Peressoni: Superclass women (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)
  • Charlie Daff: 8-9 boy’s (The Cove BMX Club)
  • Braith Allison: 8-9 novice boy’s/girl’s (Blue Lake BMX Club)
  • Sebastian Fraser: 8-12 cruiser (Knox BMX Club)
  • Amy Main: 8-10 girl’s (Cross Keys BMX Club)
  • Winston Richards: 10-11 boy’s (Happy Valley BMX Club)
  • Owen Jones: 12-boy’s (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)
  • Marcus Wigg: 14-16 boy’s (The Cove BMX Club)
  • Cody Jellef: 17-29 men’s (Blue Lake BMX Club)
  • Rebecca Smith: 30+ women (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)
  • John Cobby: 40+ cruiser (Cross Keys BMX Club)



  • Blake Campbell: 10-11 novice boy’s/girl’s (Portland BMX Club)
  • Mason Arnold: 12-13 novice boy’s/girl’s (Mildura BMX Club)
  • Bella Jackson: 13-girl’s (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Joshua Jolly: 13-boy’s AND 13-16 cruiser (Knox BMX Club)
  • Shakiera Faux: 13-girl’s (Mildura BMX Club)
  • Shallan Pompe: 14-29 women’s (Ballarat-Sebastopol CC BMX Club)
  • Stephanie Fraser: 14-16 novice boy’s/girl’s (Knox BMX Club)
  • Troy Roberts: 30-39 men’s (Warrnambool BMX Club)
  • Danny Galea: 40+ men’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Corey Sztama: 14+ retro (Sunbury BMX Club)

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