BMXA are pleased to report that Caitlin Jong is on her road to recovery! Here is her message to all her supporters.

I have been just been discharged from the Perth Children’s Hospital and am now staying in the Ronald McDonald House close by.

I have been told there has been a lot of support offered from BMXA, BMXNT, my club Satellite City, BMX clubs from around Australia, fellow riders and their families, my school, local community and from friends and loving family far and wide.

Thank you so much for the many caring messages of hope and strength, prayers and fund raising. I have read all my cards now and will gradually get to read all of the electronic messages too.

I also want to thank the whole ICU and ABI team that have looked after me. I don’t remember the first 3 weeks in hospital but I know from the last 2 weeks that you guys rock!

All my treatment and rehabilitation will let me achieve my new goals to eventually run, ride and race again.

I know I have a long and tough journey ahead of me, but I am working hard in all my therapies and truly believe I have the determination, drive and patience to succeed in this too, so watch this space!