An update on his son Jack.

On the 26 April, during the lead-up to a Zone ID round at Atherton BMX Club, Jack Humphreys, from Townsville BMX Club had a terrible crash which resulted in two very unstable fractured vertebrae in his neck and a badly broken left arm.

Due to the fact he initially had no feeling in his arms or legs and the chance of serious complications, he was airlifted to Townsville, then onto QLD Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. He underwent emergency surgery to have a halo fitted to stabilise his neck and remained in ICU.

After two weeks, Jack is now in the rehabilitation ward on the long road to recovery. He is able to walk short distances with minor support, his left arm is in a full-length cast, and he is having intensive rehab to hopefully regain the use of his right arm.

Jack also suffered damage to his right eye from the impact of the crash, and the medical team are still unsure of the recovery.

Jack and his family would like to thank everyone that has supported Jack since the crash.

There is currently no indication of how long Jack will remain in Brisbane, where he is under the care of a great rehab team, but he can’t wait to get home to see his mates.