The Tales from the Berm is celebrating St Patricks day and Cairns BMX Club was all around it!

COVER PIC: Cairns BMX Club’s Facebook page

Over the weekend, the Cairns BMX Club celebrated shamrocks and leprechauns as St Patrick’s Day was unleashed around the world.

For the BMXA family, what better way to celebrate the ‘Luck of the Irish’ than with some action-packed racing, and there was plenty of that.

Just over 200 riders from around Queensland made their way to the northern club to be a part of the celebrations and it was a top o’ the mornin’ for many of the competitors.

For the home dirt riders, a manifold of victories saw them sitting atop the podium after some successful shredding through their track.

They were:

–           Chase Fitzgerald: 8-boy’s

–           Matthew Fox: 9-boy’s (clean sweep)

–           Mica Moloney: 10-boy’s (clean sweep)

–           Portia Eden: 12-gir’s (clean sweep)

–           Audrey Thompson: 14-girl’s (clean sweep)

–           William Emeleus: 8-10 boy’s cruiser

–           Jack Emeleus: 35+ masters open wheel

–           Rachael Rayner: 30+ women’s masters open wheel

–           Cassie Abell: 35-39 women’s cruiser

–           Andrea Slattery: 40-44 women’s cruiser

A special mention has to go to Alana Rayner (15-girl’s) and Jesse Robbins (16-girl’s) who took it to the older competitors in the 17-24 women’s and finished standing on the podium in first and second respectively.

They weren’t the only ones to achieve some remarkable results over the weekend with Penni Allen (8-girl’s) from the Redlands BMX Club taking on the 9-girl’s and clean sweeping the day to finish on the top spot.

Other clean sweepers from visiting clubs included:

–           Lachlan Jeffs: 11-boy’s (Townsville BMX Club)

–           Bill Woodward: 13-boy’s AND 13-14 boy’s cruiser (Island BMX Club)

–           Kaleb Nielsen: 15-boy’s (Atherton BMX Club)

–           Craig Cullen: 30+ masters 20inch only (Townsville BMX Club)

It wouldn’t be a BMX event without the mini-wheeler and sprocket participation classes. A total of 61 shredders got their piece of the track and an enthusiastic crowd was cheering them all the way to the finish line.

Wrapping up this week’s Tales from the Berm is the superclass. The home club’s Joseph Costa clean swept his competitors to finish atop the men’s podium while Pine Rivers’ rider, Kiana Botfield, continued her fine form to finish atop the women’s, also bagging a clean sweep of her own.

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

Below is some social media surrounding the event as well as a thank you from the host club.


Other action around the country is listed below. Congratulations to all riders and we wish all fallen riders a speedy recovery.  

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