It is one of the most underestimated acts during a BMX event and can mean so much for competitors as well as yourself… something to think about before the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Championships.

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With the biggest BMX event on the Australian calendar starting next week, it is time to think about what is most important at these events.

The 1A plate is no doubt a major prize and focus for many riders, but is it the be all AND end all?

Eight riders line up on the gate and only one will stand on the top spot, which means seven other riders miss out.

A big focus for the event’s success remains – that eight riders line up on the gate and give it their all and eight riders respect the performance of one another. Participation alongside performance should be celebrated.

The best way to celebrate and be a part of the nationals is not only by a cheering (sometimes hysterical) support group on the side of the track, but by a simple handshake or fist bump at the end of the race by each and every rider.

Soccer players, rugby league stars, tennis players and cricketers all take the time to do so, so why should BMX be any different.

It isn’t different and we have photos to prove it!

This by all means doesn’t imply that racing isn’t important. The national championships is a time to award the year’s national champions from the 8-boy’s through to the 50+, but it is also a time to respect opponents, respect the event and acknowledge a great race by all.

It has been heard, read and said countless times and only recently by Beenleigh’s 1A Buddha Baum.

“We are all really good mates,” Baum said.

“But when we line up on the gate, we focus on ourselves. Once the race is over, we are good friends again,” Baum said.

While the excitement of nationals at the Shepparton BMX Club surrounds you and your family, make sure that while you may celebrate crossing the finish line first, you don’t forget to acknowledge those who finish behind you, because it wouldn’t have been a race if they weren’t in it.

Happy racing! Be a good sport!