South Australia’s BMX state titles are a go and there’s plenty of cash up for grabs!

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Get Snapt

The 2019 HutSix BMXSA State Titles are rapidly approaching, and the time is now for riders of all ages and abilities to join the fray.

Beginning October 24 and running through to October 27, the event will take place at the Cross Keys BMX Club and play host to riders not only from the state, but also to visiting shredders eager to get their hands on plates and prize money.

Cross Keys’ event manager and former president Brett Sellick has been a main driver of the event and knows only too well what this sort of prize money can attract.

“The whole idea of the large prize money was to get the elite riders from all around Australia together to compete in an epic showdown,” Sellick said.

“We know that if we get the elite riders here, the junior riders will follow suit and the event in terms of numbers and quality will increase.

“We are excited and proud to say that this is the largest prize money to ever hit a state titles and hope that many riders come for the clash.”

The $12,000 prize pool will be distributed between the superclass, the time trial and the master classes while challenge will be awarded trophies and plates.

Sellick is proud of Cross Keys and takes pride in their ambition and dedication to improving BMX in not only SA but the entire country.

“What the club wants, and what we are very passionate about, is getting the best out of the riders and doing what is best for them,” Sellick continued.

“If we have a large prize pool and bring the best riders from all around Australia to race, it brings the quality of all racing up and encourages the local riders to race harder and faster.

“It’s all about empowering the riders to be better and with the best competition.”

Entries close on Sunday, September 22 at 11:30pm AEST and riders can get in NOW – HERE!

While your entering, take a look at the Warm-Up Pre-State Titles which will occur on Sunday October 20.

Enter for that HERE!

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