BMXA’s Luke Madill teamed up with the sport’s High Performance Unit (HPU) to give state coaches the tools required to improve racing throughout the country. Below is his take on proceedings.

COVER PIC: Corey Taylor getting involved with the testing at the coaching workshop.

After traveling to each of the national series rounds this year, there was a common confusion regarding how the development pathway for coaches and riders in each state was operating.

It has been identified that further clarity is needed in regard to what support and development looks like in each state.

To gain clarity around these issues and to put a plan in place, I started to form what will be the first of many coaching workshops. These workshops will involve the HPU, BMXA and the states working together to address these development issues.

The first workshop was held from December 7 to 9. BMXA and the High Performance Unit collaborated to give the state coaches a run down on the strategic plan of how the HPU runs their program. This also included the support needed from BMXA and the states to increase rider development.

Over the weekend the coaches were exposed to some of the training and testing protocols the HPU riders go through. The aim of this was to give the coaches a chance to conduct the testing protocols with the riders, which gave the coaches the confidence and a greater understanding to run the same tests in their state.

As more states adopt these testing protocols, a greater history of data can be collected to help monitor a rider’s transition through the development pathway.

The weekend led to some great feedback from the attending state coaches and plans are underway for further workshops in 2019.

I feel this workshop was a welcome start to a stronger united culture between the states, BMXA and the HPU when it comes to rider and coach development.