BMX NSW Chairman Martin Ward discusses the decision to leave the NSW Pre-Titles event on the same weekend as the BMX World Championships.

The Board of BMXNSW is aware that the UCI have moved the 2018 World Championships to the same date as the 2018 NSW Pre State Titles, traditionally held across the June long weekend.

This is not new news to us, and was point of discussion during this year’s BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, USA between BMX New Zealand and us.


There is no doubt that a number of riders will choose to attend the World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan instead of the Pre State Titles. That is their choice and we will not dissuade them from doing so.

Equally, it would be remiss of us as event organisers to make a significant change to our well-established event due to some riders electing to race at a different event. There will be those that do not attend the event in Baku, and have already informed us that they are eagerly awaiting the NSW Pre Titles.

Many more senior riders who had the opportunity to race in the Junior Test Team will tell you that it remains a highlight of their career. The opportunity to be part of an intense rivalry with New Zealand, while also gaining a greater understanding of each other’s culture is a unique experience as an 11-year-old.

As event organisers we need to stay true to the traditions surrounding our special event. It is unlike any other. We need to stay true to the riders who have committed to coming to support all four elements that make up the BMXNSW Pre State Titles.

In saying this, we invite all boys and girls who will be aged 11 on June 1, 2018 to firstly the first round of the BMX Australia National Series at Penrith BMX Club, and then the BMXNSW Pre State Titles event on June 9 and 10, 2018 at the Castle-Hill BMX track.

We would love to have all those riders, whether a part of the Junior Test Team or not to enter in the Mighty11’s race to determine the fastest 11-year-old rider.

We’d also like to remind all riders who will be 11 on 20th October that they can nominate for the times from their motos in the Pre State Titles at Castle Hill BMX Club to be used for the qualifiers for the New Zealand leg of the Test Team challenge.

Finally, some riders are not aware that ANY 11-year-old is entitled to travel to New Zealand in October and enter in the Mighty11s race to determine the fastest 11-year-old.

You do not need to expressly be a member of the Junior Test Team. Both the Mighty11s and Trans Tasman Test Team Challenge are events at the BMXNZ North Island Championships, and it is a truly awesome experience for younger riders.

Best Regards,

Martin Ward