COVID-19 – Information & Resources

Welcome to the BMX Australia COVID-19 Information and Resources Hub.

Here you will find a range of useful resources and links to information to help you safely Plan, Prepare, Respond and Recover. 

Four elements of a safe return to sport

You should also stay up to date with the latest information from your state or territory governments, and look out for information from your State or Territory Member Association.

If you have questions, or need guidance, contact us: or via our Facebook page.

BMXA Resources


BMX Return to Sport Quick Guide (May 27)


Rebooting BMX within the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport (May 11)

Sport Australia Resources


Sport Australia Return to Sport Simplified Checklist
This checklist provides specific, targeted guidance to sporting organisations on the considerations to be taken into account in resuming sporting activity. 

Sport Australia COVID-19 Safety Coordinator Information
The COVID-19 Safety Coordinator will be your key resources and central point of contact for all matters COVID-19 for your organisation.

Sport Australia Template COVID-19 Safety Plan 
This template is designed to help organisations consolidate their planning for the resumption of activities. Your organisation should appoint a COVID-19 Safety Coordinator to oversee the delivery of the plan and act as a central point of contact. After completing a COVID-19 Safety Plan including the Appendix: Outline of Return to Sport Arrangements, the organisation should review the Sport Australia Checklist.

Sport Australia Template Attendance Register
A template document for recording who has attended a sporting venue or event at a specific time. This is to facilitate adequate contact tracing should an attendee be confirmed with contracting COVID-19.

COVID-19 Hygiene Guidance
These resources including posters and videos provide information and tips to help everyone be prepared. 

BMX Australia Updates

National Championships cancelled (July 24)

World Championships cancelled (July 8)

Latest update on BMXA National Championships & National Series

BMX Australia’s most recent statement regarding COVID-19 (April 28)

Update on re-scheduling  (April 1)

Update on refunds (March 24)

World Championships postponed (March 24)

Nationals FAQ  (March 18)

UCI Updates

Procedures for re-opening of cycling season (July 10)

External Links

COVID-19 Restriction Checker

The Australian Government has launched a website dedicated to tracking restrictions in each state/territory. Please check the date of each page to see if this restriction is current or not.


Australian Government Information

Essential Information

National Principles for the resumption of Sport and Recreation activities

Australian Institute of Sport

AIS COVID-19 & Sport

Return to Sport

New South Wales Information

Latest news and updates

Office of Sport

Australian Capital Territory Information

Health ACT

Sport ACT

Northern Territory Information


Sports & Rec

Queensland Information

QLD Health

Outdoors QLD

Victorian Information

Department of Health & Human Services

Sport Vic

South Australian Information

SA Health

SA Sport

Tasmanian Information

Department of Health

TAS Sport and Recreation

Western Australia Information

Department of Health

WA Sport and Recreartion