What is BMX?

BMX is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia. It is one of the only sports where total family participation can take place. Riders of all ages (from 2 to 50+) can compete in organised race meetings throughout Australia. The sport of BMX racing ranges from Club level right through to State, National and World Championship level for all ages. BMX is also an Olympic sport! Any rider has the chance to ride at National Championships and compete in World Championships.


BMX is not only a sport for boys and dads. Girls and mums can race and enjoy competition in their own age groups with other females. Whether you’re a parent or not, BMX is one big family where great friendships can be made and the competition structure can give our community the opportunity to visit many new places.


You can ride any 20 inch or 24 inch (cruiser) BMX bike. Just remove any mudguards, chain guards, kick-stand, pegs and reflectors, for the safety of yourself and other riders. Ensure that there are no sharp edges on your handlebars (i.e. no torn grips with exposed metal) or pedals, etc. You need a rear hand brake that works. An official will be available to check your bike for you and help with any minor adjustments.


  • LONG PANTS or track pants that are fitted at the ankle are acceptable to race in.
  • LONG SLEEVE TOP or RACE JERSEY that is fitted at the wrist.
  • Any type of GLOVES that have complete hand and finger protection.
  • A full face HELMET that covers the ears. Some clubs have a spare that you can borrow.
  • You must wear fully enclosed SHOES to protect your feet.