South Australian Darren Alomes has been appointed chairman of BMX Australia for at least the next year.

Alomes replaces Neil Cameron as the chairman after Cameron failed to win re-election to the BMXA board at last month’s Annual General Meeting.

The computer security administrator, who has been a member of Happy Valley BMX Club for six years and part of the BMXA board for two following a period on the board at BMXSA, said he was excited about the challenges of leading such a progressive organisation as BMX Australia.

“It’s an honour to be appointed to the role and a challenge I’m looking forward to grabbing hold of and running with,” Alomes said.

“I’ve always tried to be approachable to members and that is something I am determined to continue to do.

“The board has done a lot of great things over the last two years and I have big shoes to fill.

“I’d like to carry on implementing the positive changes we have made as a board over the last two years, both organisationally and from a competition perspective.”

Alomes pinpointed the ongoing collaborative process between BMXA, Cycling Australia and Mountain Bike Australia to investigate a possible alignment between the three organisations as something that he is looking forward to working on.

“It’s an interesting time for the sport, with the three cycling organisations working with Sports Australia,” Alomes said.

“That may lead to possible change, and it might not, but we have to look into what is best for our membership and there will no doubt be challenges with the process that we need to embrace, no matter the result of discussions.”

Alomes also took time out to praise outgoing chairman Neil Cameron.

“Neil was dedicated to furthering the sport of BMX and I welcome his input in the future,” Alomes said.

The board also re-appointed Paul Connors to a two-year term as the National Officiating Director.