Ok, we won’t claim that we made it, and some of you might already have it…but we’re obsessed with mobile-based game Mad Skills BMX 2 and you might be too.

Oh boy, do we at have a treat for you!

While you wait for that new bike, helmet and riding gear (fingers crossed for those who aren’t sure), pass the time until Christmas Day with an early gift from us – Mad Skills BMX 2!

The app-based mobile game is the next instalment from developer Turborilla, and it’s an upgrade to the original Mad Skills BMX, released in August 2012.

Need more convincing that it’s worth your time? We tested it on a group of bored teenagers and they liked it more than defying the requests of their frustrated parents…but we also found a trailer and hot damn, it looks gooood.

It’s fast, fun and COMPLETELY FREE – you don’t even need safety equipment! The best part is that the game is still in its ‘soft launch’ phase, which means only certain regions get it early, and Australia is top of that list.

Some other country called New Zealand and our friends in Malaysia also have early access.

The 3D visuals allow for extensive character and bike customisation, and there are weekly Jam tournaments to keep you entertained. Online competition against state, regional and international players will be available.

New tracks are also being released weekly as well as plenty of handcrafted levels.

So grab yourself an early Christmas bonus, sign up and download now with your friends to experience the thrill beating them in the game, it’s just as satisfying as winning on track!

Ok enough chat, here it is for download:

iOS users:

Android users:

Merry Christmas to all!