Another Tales from the Berm by BAD BOY – but instead of individual recognition, it’s all about club success!

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Cockburn BMX Club’s Facebook page.

This year, the Tales from the Berm by BAD BOY have celebrated riders of all ages and abilities and their success at various competitions across the country. Riders have been recognised for clean sweeping their races and taking out the top spot on the podium at their home track.

But this week’s wrap celebrates something a little different. The Cockburn BMX Club in southern Perth held their annual Cockburn Club Challenge, inviting fellow WA clubs to compete in a true team-based event.

Club president Leighton Pratt has emphasised how tired he is of BMX being an individual sport and he wanted to create a more team-based environment where riders could come together and ride for their clubs.

On Sunday, November 17, 227 entries were recorded and more importantly, had 12 clubs competing for the illustrious title as the 2019 Smarter than Smoking Cockburn BMX Club Challenge Champions.

Alongside the serious racing, there were many other categories that clubs competed in including tent decorations, novelty races for mums and dads that included the use of balloons, the number of club jerseys, and the number of sprockets and mini wheelers.

The club representation of challenge riders varied with the host club leading the charge with 51 riders, while the second largest was Byford at 29, and rounding out the top three was Westside with 32.

At the end of the day, it was Rockingham who picked up the bike frame trophy with 1192 points, while Cockburn finished second on 1169 and Byford third on 1147.

Leading the charge for Rockingham and finding the top spot on their respective podiums was:

  • Ashton Burton: 8-boy’s
  • Jack Malone: 9-boy’s
  • Declan McGhee: 11-boy’s
  • Jordan Callum: 15-boy’s
  • Dylan Callum: 17-29 men’s

Special mentions should go to Byford’s 13-girl’s trio of Sienna Sharp (first), Tamilee Spence (second) and Kelsey Morrow (third) who dominated the day to find themselves on the podium.

Rockingham and Cockburn also recorded the highest number of sprockets & mini wheelers with 19 apiece, while Collie BMX Club took out the best presented marquee.

For a full breakdown of points check out the graphic below.


Take a look at the top 3 from each class below OR for the full list of results – CLICK HERE



  1. Ashton Burton (Rockingham BMX Club)
  2. Myles Davies (Hills BMX Club)
  3. Tama Glen (Southside BMX Club)


  1. Lilyanna Lagden (Byford BMX Club)
  2. Rylee Cook (Southside BMX Club)
  3. Chloe McIllree (Bunbury BMX Club)


  1. Jack Malone (Rockingham BMX Club)
  2. Cameron Miller (Wanneroo BMX Club)
  3. James Spinley (Wanneroo BMX Club)


  1. Chloe Brenzi (East Pilbara BMX Club)
  2. Ruby-rose Williamson (Byford BMX Club)
  3. Lola Hurrell (Southside BMX Club)


  1. Oliver Hogan (Southside BMX Club)
  2. Tj Rikihana-Gray (Rockingham BMX Club)
  3. Zane Ratajczak (Westside BMX Club)


  1. Sarah Brooker (Westside BMX Club)
  2. Mena Banks (Southside BMX Club)
  3. Emerson Mayger (Westside BMX Club)


  1. Declan McGhee (Rockingham BMX Club)
  2. Adam Waterman (Byford BMX Club)
  3. Kaylan Abbott (Wanneroo BMX Club)


  1. Alyssa Howat (Westside BMX Club)
  2. Kaylee Couper (Westside BMX Club)
  3. Ella Nieman (Westside BMX Club)


  1. Matias Harris (Westside BMX Club)
  2. Ewan Miller (Wanneroo BMX Club)
  3. Eli Pantalone (Mandurah BMX Club)


  1. Kindle Rapley (Westside BMX Club)
  2. Annalise Worroll (Rockingham BMX Club)


  1. Jay Lander (Byford BMX Club)
  2. Aaron Jeffery (Mandurah BMX Club)
  3. Nathan Rawlings (Westside BMX Club)


  1. Sienna Sharp (Byford BMX Club)
  2. Tamilee Spence (Bunbury BMX Club)
  3. Kelsey Morrow (Byford BMX Club)


  1. Angus Richards (Westside BMX Club)
  2. Bailey Tan (Southside BMX Club)
  3. Logan Pratt (Cockburn BMX Club)


  1. Jordan Callum (Rockingham BMX Club)
  2. Jacob Goddard (Westside BMX Club)
  3. Ruben Cunningham (Cockburn BMX Club)


  1. Travis Carroll (Mandurah BMX Club)

14+ women’s

  1. Jade Fabry-Roche (Cockburn BMX Club)
  2. Danica Pilmer (Hills BMX Club)
  3. Abbigail Botha (Byford BMX Club)

17-29 men’s

  1. Dylan Callum (Rockingham BMX Club)
  2. Finn Carpenter (Cockburn BMX Club)
  3. Jayden Strawbridge (Cockburn BMX Club)

30+ men’s

  1. Mark Taylor (Cockburn BMX Club)
  2. Jeffrey Bell (Byford BMX Club)
  3. Crispin Thornber (Cockburn BMX Club)

30+ women’s

  1. Michelle Newport (Mandurah BMX Club)

40+ men’s

  1. Shannon Lowe (Southside BMX Club)
  2. Michael Whiting (Cockburn BMX Club)
  3. Garry Shaw (Cockburn BMX Club)

17-29 men’s cruiser

  1. Jayden Strawbridge (Cockburn BMX Club)

30+ men’s cruiser

  1. David Rapley (Westside BMX Club)
  2. Troy Smith (Cockburn BMX Club)
  3. Corry Cummings (Cockburn BMX Club)


FRIDAY, November 15


SATURDAY, November 16

  • 2019 November Rumble, Ashmore BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Rd5 Series 3, Terrigal BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Sunbury Clubby, Sunbury BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Roll into Spring Rd4, Happy Valley BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Series 2 Rd13, Lake Macquarie BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Gove Area Services Open, Nhulunbuy BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Series 2 Rd9, Castle Hill BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Casey Clubby, Casey BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • 2019 Spring into Summer Rd3, Gawler BMX Club – CLICK HERE

SUNDAY, November 17

  • Club Day, Wynyard Park BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Cockburn Club Challenge, Cockburn BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • 3 Motos with Tim Tr, Southern City BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Ballarat Grand Re-Opening, Ballarat Sebastopol BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Series 2 Rd 9, Sydney BMX Club – CLICK HERE

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