The Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority (ASADA) have launched a new app to assist athletes when it comes to checking medications, supplements, reporting and providing feedback.

When it comes to knowing what substances are in medications and supplements, the message has always been clear – it’s up to an athlete to know what they’re putting in their body.

That message is coupled with consistent information from ASADA that abstinence from medications and supplements is always the safest option for athletes.

However, while the regulatory body does not endorse the use of supplements, they are aware that athletes use them regularly to assist with training. This has led to the creation of the ASADA Clean Sport app.

The newly launched application – available on both iOS and Android devices – has been designed to help prevent athletes from testing positive from contaminated supplements.

With almost one Australian athlete testing positive from a supplement every month, this new application should be embraced by athletes nationwide. Despite maintaining that they do not endorse supplement use, ASADA recognise that some supplements are significantly less risky than others.

The new app gives athletes a complete list of every single supplement sold on Australian shelves, which have been screened for prohibited substances by an independent laboratory.

The testing comes with a disclaimer, not all the ‘batch tested’ supplements come with a 100 per cent guarantee that they do not contain a prohibited substance, but they are significantly less risky than other products. Athletes using supplements should be sure to use the app as a guide!

It isn’t just quick and easy access to information about supplements that the app provides, it also has a whole lot of other great functions, including:

  • Checking medications
  • Ability to provide feedback on a testing mission (if not written on testing paperwork)
  • Reporting of doping
  • Complete online education
  • Short, snappy information on Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs), travelling overseas and an athlete’s rights when being tested.

Understandably, the list of anti-doping obligations for athletes is long and can take up significant time. With this new app, it is hoped that athletes can reduce that time with an easy to use resource at their fingertips.

You can download the app for iOS devices HERE.

You can download the app for Android devices HERE.