Countless hours of hard work and commitment has earned Mr Justin Foot the recognition he deserves.

It is hard to forget about the spectacular condition that the track at Frankston BMX Club, Victoria was in for the second round of our 2018 National Series on May 21-22. Reports from the riders, the parents and the die-hard fans are hard to ignore.

Speaking with Lee Lansdown, President of Frankston BMX Club, there was a lot of blood, sweat and long nights put into the track to make it ready for the national stage. One man in particular who Lansdown explains was a major contributor the track was his right-hand man, Justin Foot.

Since joining the club two years ago, Lansdown has worked with Foot as part of the track crew and has been a major influence in repairs and improvements.

“Justin has done an awesome job for the club. In particular his work on his excavator getting in and helping with the track,” Lansdown said.

If you were at our national series in Frankston, you might have noticed Foot and Lansdown on the blower at the start gate continually making sure the ramp was in optimal condition for racing. Foot isn’t just a passionate BMX lover, he is also an enthusiastic supporter of his son Thomas who races in the 10-Boys class.

The time and hours spent on getting the track into the condition it was is mind blowing. Starting on Boxing Day, the track was prepared for their round of the Track Attack on January 18, but they wanted more from the track. So, they ripped it open and resurfaced the whole strip, just in time to make it perfection for the national round.

Take a look at the beautiful track from the Sunday wrap YouTube video below!

“We spent around 16–24 hours a weekend on the track making sure that we delivered an A grade track for the riders,” Lansdown explained.

Congratulation Mr Foot, you have earned yourself the Legend of the Month for April. We look forward to seeing more outstanding racing down at your track at Frankston.

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