The BEM event management system has been updated to comply with the UCI and BMXA rule changes for 2018. If you’re club hasn’t already done so, it’s time for a software update!

BEM version 3.9.1 and Toolbox version 3.9.1 programs were made available to clubs for download in December 2017.

Those who have not yet updated their systems should take the time to do so at the earliest opportunity in order to remain compliant with the respective UCI and BMXA rulebooks for 2018.


 For those that use the above link to update their software, please note that a release email was sent on December 19, 2017. This included your upgrade code. If you are unable to locate this email, please check your spam, junk and promotions folder.

If you are still unable to locate the email following that search, please contact BMXA Technical Coordinator Lyndon Downing via email ( or via phone: 0418 363 231.

Key highlights for the software update include:

  • Conformance with the 2018 UCI and BMXA rule changes
  • Notification of suspended riders
  • Flagging of transponders with an expired subscription
  • Inclusion of a riders UCI ID on selected format moto sheets
  • A number of maintenance upgrades

Included in the software download are release and installation notes that comprise details of the full installation process. Should you need assistance, please contact Lyndon Downing.

For clubs that do not currently use BEM managing and scoring software, you can send an enquiry to BMXA Technical Coordinator Lyndon Downing.