In regards to AusCycling proposal, please see a statement below from BMXA. 

The following is an update to members on the current status of the AusCycling proposal.

As at today, MTBA remains the only discipline to have completed formal voting and endorse the establishment of AusCycling.

BMX NSW will be conducting a formal SGM to vote on AusCycling on the 13th February 2020. BMX Australia and Cycling Australia have scheduled formal Special General Meetings (SGMs) to vote for the adoption of the AusCycling proposal on 17th February 2020 and 27th March 2020, respectively.

At this time, 11 (10 state and 1 national) of 14 organisations have voted on the proposal, and formally approved the AusCycling model, with three State Sporting Organisations (SSO’s) choosing not yet to hold formal Special General Meetings to vote on AusCycling.

In the interim, whilst BMX NSW, BMXA and CA are conducting formal voting, Sport Australia has extended NSO recognition for all three NSO’s (BMXA, CA and MTBA) until 31st March 2020. Noting that AusCycling can be formed by two of the three disciplines endorsing the proposal and Sport Australia continues to advise they will only recognise one NSO for cycling in the future.

The Board of BMX Australia is a strong supporter of the AusCycling proposal and recommends members vote YES to AusCycling. To learn more about AusCycling, please visit

As more information develops, further updates will follow.

On behalf of BMX Australia

Darren Alomes
Chair – BMX Australia