There has been a lot of focus flowing around the world championships in Baku but that doesn’t mean that we are forgetting about racing on home soil.

There were some fantastic events on show over the weekend including Toowoomba’s 40-year anniversary, as well as Townsville’s Luke Matthews Memorial Carnival.

Alongside these two events, the sixth round of the 2018 BMXWA Super Series was on at Woorree Park BMX Club. Check it all out in our first weekend wrap of winter.

Toowoomba BMX Club – Open Day

Over 200 riders were out and about to celebrate this incredible club which was established in 1978.

There was a tonne of stellar racing on the Queensland track with the following riders winning every single moto they raced in.

Flawless riders included:

  • Dylan Dauth 8-boy’s (Nerang BMX Club)
  • Molly Williamson 8-girl’s (Redlands BMX Club)
  • Campbell Nowland 9-boy’s (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Mahalia Choveaux 9-girl’s (Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club)
  • Isabel Dauth 10-girl’s (Nerang BMX Club)
  • Benjamin Schramm 8-10 boy’s cruiser (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Bailey Seckold 11-boy’s (Nerang BMX Club)
  • Charlotte Guy 11-girl’s (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Joel Griggs 12-boy’s (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Bart Steffen 13-boy’s (Toowoomba BMX Club)
  • Sean Cooney 13-14 boy’s cruiser (Pine Rivers BMX Club)
  • Jesse Asmus 15-boy’s (Nerang BMX Club)
  • Declan Kilpatrick 16-boy’s (Bayside BMX Club)
  • Tj Asmus 17-24 Men (Nerang BMX Club)
  • Harley Roberts 17-24 men’s cruiser (Ipswich West Moreton BMX Club)
  • Bayley Wright 17-24 women’s cruiser (Beenleigh BMX Club)
  • David Schramm 35-39 men’s cruiser (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Luke Driver 30+ men’s masters (Toowoomba BMX Club)
  • Jenna Williams Superclass women’s (Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club)

To the full list of results – CLICK HERE

Luke Matthews’ Memorial Carnival

Townsville BMX Club held their Luke Matthews Memorial Carnival on June 2. Over 150 riders got a taste of the action as well as the chance to celebrate and remember a rider and friend.

There were 30 competitive and participatory classes on the track with a whole score of riders coming from around Queensland.

The hometown winners included:

  • Ryan Gniatkiewicz (10-boy’s)
  • Jaimyn Kapcelovich (13-boy’s)
  • Lucy Woodbury (16-girl’s)
  • Lachlan Jeffs (8-10 boy’s cruiser)
  • Christopher Heagney (11-12 boy’s cruiser)
  • Nicholas West (11-12 girl’s cruiser)
  • Celeste Barr (Superclass 14+ women)
  • Craig Cullen (Open Wheel 30+)

The highlight of the event is the Superclass men’s race where the winner Wade Mundie from Cairns BMX Club lifted the Luke Matthews Memorial Cup.

Take a look at the photos including the Matthews’ and winner Mundie with the cup in the Facebook post below.

Check out the full list of results by – CLICKING HERE.

Woorree Park BMX Club

On the other side of Australia the Woorree Park BMX Club held the sixth round of the 2018 BMXWA Super Series on June 3.

There was an amazing amount of talent on the track with over 300 riders battling it out for the top spot in testing conditions. Once again it was another display of superb racing with a large number of riders winning every race they competed in.

They are:

  • Oliver Hogan 8-10 Voucher (Southside BMX Club)
  • Jayden Middleton-Gepp 15-16 cruiser (Wanneroo BMX Club)
  • Joshua Cooke 17-29 cruiser (Hills BMX Club)
  • Julien Roger 30+ cruiser (Wanneroo BMX Club)
  • Adam Lewis 40+ cruiser (Southside BMX Club)
  • Neave Knight 8-9 girl’s (Rockingham BMX Club)
  • Deegan Wood 9-boy’s novice (Southern Districts BMX Club)
  • Trinity Jefferies 12-girl’s (Northam BMX Club)
  • Shayla Winwood 13-14 girl’s (Byford BMX Club)
  • Jared Lloyd 12-13 boy’s novice (Westside BMX Club)
  • Daniel Doran 14-boy’s (Bunbury BMX Club)
  • Joshua Cooke 17-29 men (Hills BMX Club)
  • Jayde Fabry-Roche 30+ women (Southern Districts BMX Club)
  • Lance Martin 30+ men (Cockburn BMX Club)
  • Shannon Lowe 40+ (Southside BMX Club)
  • Bradley Game Superclass men (Wanneroo BMX Club)

To see a full list of results – CLICK HERE

That concludes our weekend wrap with all attention now on the biggest BMX event of the year.

You can keep up to date with all the action in Baku through our Facebook, Twitter and website which will include reports, results and all the social action surrounding our awesome Aussie riders.

We will also be sending out a special Baku edition of The Dirt every morning from Wednesday, wrapping up the previous day’s action.

Featured Image: Townsville BMX Club