It seems that every year there is a feel-good story that comes out of the Australian team at the BMX world championships, an act of selflessness, mateship and teamwork that highlights the spirit of the BMXA membership.

PICS IN ARTICLE: Craig Dutton Photography

As it happens this year’s world championships in Baku wasn’t an exception to that rule.

On day one of racing, Geelong BMX Club’s Cameron Gatt claimed #W5 in the 12 and Under Boy’s Cruiser event. But he would not have got there if not for Townsville’s Hunter Boschen, who’s day had unfortunately ended in the motos.

Cameron Gatt in action during cruiser racing – PIC: Craig Dutton Photography

During Gatt’s semi-final a mechanical malfunction saw him break the forks on his bike, and a search for a quick fix to get him to the final ensued. Our ever-vigilant Aussie team managers thought that a potential solution was to use Boschen’s forks in Gatt’s bike.

So, they sought out Boschen’s parents and asked if they were open to that solution…no questions asked, it was a green light from team Boschen. You beauty! Gatt made his final, claimed his plate and then the Aussie mechanics put young Hunter’s bike back together at the conclusion of racing.

The best part of this story is that the next day Boschen returned to the track for his 20” race and improved on his Cruiser result to get all the way to the quarterfinals!

Hunter Boschen in action during cruiser racing – PIC: Craig Dutton Photography