Re-live the action from the 2018 USA BMX Grands at Tulsa, Oklahoma with Australia’s Honour Roll and every stage of the event.

COVER PIC: Cameron Gatt celebrating a successful 2018 USA BMX Grands. (pic courtesy of Cameron Gatt’s Instagram)

Over the course of four days, Aussie riders made their way to the Tulsa River Spirit Expo Square to compete in the biggest BMX event in the USA, and they were more than up to the task.

An impressive number of podiums by the riders from Down Under meant that the Aussies have continued the trend of reminding their American competitors that they mean business… BMX business.

The first event out of the gate was the Race of Champions (ROC) which gave the Aussies the perfect start to their Grands assault.

Leading the way were the pro class riders with Lauren Reynolds coming third and Rachel Jones finishing seventh in the women’s elite. The pair went up against the likes of Alise Willoughby, Brooke Crain and Felicia Stancil to produce a cracking race for all to see.

In the men’s, Anthony Dean and Joshua Mclean took on Frenchman Joris Daudet, Dutchman Niek Kimmann and Olympic gold medallist Connor Fields in a jaw dropping contest. As they crossed the finish line, it was Dean in third while Mclean came seventh.

Also finding the podium in the pro events was Queensland’s Jayce Cunning who came fifth in the A Pro class.

Podium results during the ROC were plentiful for the Aussies, with second places going to Thomas Tucker (13-14 open) and Matthew Blake (21-25 open), as well as a third to Tenielle Botfield in the 17-20 mixed open. Topping the day was Isaiah Crook-Sims who took out a first place in the 15-16 mixed open.

Also making their way to the finals in style were Tama Onekawa (4th) and Cameron Gatt (8th) in the 9-10 open as well as Bill Woodward (7th, 11-12 open), Joshua Nash (4th, 26-30 open), Jade Mcpherson (5th, 31 & over open), Nathaniel Darko (5th, 13-14 mixed open) and Iesha Anderson (6th, 17-20 mixed open).

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Come the Grands event, it was a field day for the Aussie riders as results rolled in from a number of ages.

Starting with the pro classes, the Aussie riders once again stepped up to the challenge as Dean finished second in the men’s elite while in the women’s, Reynolds came fourth and Jones finished in eighth. Continuing his stellar journey in the USA was Jayce Cunning who finished second in the A-Pro class.


The highlight of the event goes to Tamworth’s champion Jack Davis, who doubled down to win both his 15-16 open and the 16 boy’s expert classes.

Particular attention should go to the latter as he started the race behind the pack before a couple of riders came down and he took the opportunity to drive forward and cross the line first in emphatic style. The race of the day.

Also securing a first-place finish was six-time world champion Thomas Tucker in the 13-boy’s expert, as well as Brett Scruse in the 46-50 men’s expert. The pair backed up their strong results with Tucker coming seventh in the 13-14 open and Scruse picking up a third in the 46-50 men’s cruiser.

For Tucker, his 2018 season has seen him retain his world title, his national title and become the first recipient of the Sam Willoughby medal. Alongside many other notable achievements, Tucker has topped his year off by becoming the first Australian to win an American NAG 1 (National Age Group 1) title – an incredible achievement.

Other double trouble riders included Letitia Weatherhead, who came second in the 41-45 women’s cruiser and the 41 & over women. Another, was Sandy Cameron who finished second in her 46-50 women’s cruiser and third behind Weatherhead in the 41 & over.

The 10-year old shredders of Tama Onekawa and Cameron Gatt competed in the 9-10 open (Onekawa 3rd and Gatt 8th) and the 10-expert boy’s (Gatt 7th and Onekawa 8th) to do their country proud, as well as Joshua Nash who came third in the 26-30 open and fourth in the 26-30 men’s cruiser.

The list of results goes on with Portia Eden (4th, 11-12 mixed open), Tenniele Botfield (4th, 17-20 mixed open), Tyson Kenny (2nd, 13-14 open), Bill Woodward (7th, 11-12 open), Julia Botfield (2nd, 36-40 women’s cruiser) and Jade Mcpherson (5th, 41-45 men’s cruiser + 7th, 41-45 expert men).

There was also a trio of novice/intermediate riders who did their part in the assault with Jack Lupton (8th, 7 novice), Jaiden Fraser (5th, 12 novice) and Nathaniel Darko (4th, 13 intermediate).

One of the favourites coming into the 17-20 expert class final was Pine River’s rider Kye Affoo, who nearly finished atop the USA national series podium.

After winning the holeshot and leading nicely in the final, another rider brought Affoo down and, unfortunately, it wasn’t to be with the Queenslander finishing in seventh.

Wrapping up our report is Bruce Morris who has reportedly come out of retirement to compete in the 51 & over expert men’s class, taking out third place.

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Congratulations to all Aussie riders!

We hope that you have had an incredible journey and we wish you safe travels back to Aussie soil.

Any other Aussies with reports and pics are encouraged to email with their story!

Top Australian results from the 2018 USA BMX Grands

Race of Champions (ROC)

Jayce Cunning: 5th, A-Pro

Lauren Reynolds: 3rd, women’s elite

Rachel Jones: 7th, women’s elite

Anthony Dean: 3rd, men’s elite

Joshua Mclean: 7th mens elite

Tama Onekawa: 4th, 9-10 open

Cameron Gatt: 8th,9-10 open

Bill Woodward 7th, 11-12 open

Thomas Tucker: 2nd, 13-14 open

Matthew Blake: 2nd, 21-25 open

Joshua Nash: 4th, 26-30 open

Jade Mcpherson: 5th, 31 & over open

Nathaniel Darko 5th, 13-14 mixed open

Isaiah Crook-Sims: 1st, 15-16 mixed open

Tenniele Botfield 3rd, 17-20 mixed open

Iesha Anderson 6th, 17-20 mixed open

USA Grands

Jayce Cunning: 2nd, A-Pro

Lauren Reynolds: 4th, women’s elite

Rachel Jones 8th, women’s elite

Anthony Dean: 2nd, men’s elite

Portia Eden: 4th, 11-12 mixed open

Tenniele Botfield: 4th, 17-20 mixed open

Tama Onekawa: 3rd, 9-10 open + 7th, 10-expert boy’s

Cameron Gat:t 8th, 9-10 open + 6th 10-expert boy’s

Bill Woodward: 7th, 11-12 open

Thomas Tucker: 1st 13-expert boy’s + 6th, 13-14 open

Tyson Kenny: 2nd, 13-14 open

Jack Davis: 1st, 15-16 open + 1st, 16-expert boy’s

Joshua Nash: 3rd, 26-30 open + 4th, 26-30 men’s cruiser

Julia Botfield: 2nd, 36-30 women’s cruiser

Letitia Weatherhead: 2nd, 41-45 women’s cruiser + 2nd, 41 & over women

Sandy Cameron: 2nd, 46-50 women’s cruiser + 3rd, 41 & over women

Jade Mcpherson: 5th, 41-45 men’s cruiser + 7th, 41-45 expert men’s

Brett Scruse: 1st, 46-50 expert men’s + 3rd, 46-50 men’s cruiser

Jack Lupton 8th, 7-novice

Jaiden Fraser: 5th, 12-novice

Nathaniel Darko: 4th, 13-Intermediate

Kye Affoo: 7th, 17-20 expert men’s

Bruce Morris: 3rd, 51 & over expert men’s 

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