It’s full steam ahead for the Australian contingent as they take on the 2018 USA Grands competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma – the greatest race on earth.

COVER PIC: Jye Hombsch competing at the fourth round of the 2018 BMX Australia BAD BOY National Series at Nerang BMX Club. (Pic courtesy of MadB Photography)

Commencing this Thursday November 22, the Tulsa River Spirit Expo Square venue will host their biggest event of the year.  Known as ‘the greatest race on earth’, the Grands is the highlight of the USA BMX calendar and attracts riders from all across the world to compete.

Over the course of four days, there will be non-stop BMX action and the Australians competing are eager to steal some silverware from right under their American rivals’ noses. The host country needs to be weary of the Aussies as well… if the 2017 event is anything to go by.

Coming away with the biggest trophies last year (and they’re big) were Thomas ‘Turbo’ Tucker (11-12 open + 12 expert), Isabella Schramm (11-12 mixed open) and Ashlee Miller (15-16 mixed open) who all finished with a first place.

Also finding the podium last year were:

  • Portia Eden: 3rd, 10-girls + 8th, 9-10 mixed open
  • Sacha Mills: 7th, 11-girls
  • Joshua Jolly: 5th, 11-expert
  • Kira Hill: 3rd, 13-girls
  • Shannon Petre: 3rd, 13-14 mixed open + 3rdin 14-girls
  • Jesse Asmus: 3rd, 13-14 open + 5th, 14-expert
  • Oliver Moran: 2nd, 15-expert
  • Phoebe Wallen: 5th, 15-16 mixed open
  • Luke Marsh: 3rd, 31 & over open

For Tucker, his reputation as one of the best riders for his age group is widely known after he won not only the 11-12 open but also the 12-expert class last year.

In 2018 the Pine Rivers rider once again rose to the challenge at the UCI BMX World Championships in Baku and won gold in the 13-boy’s class, his sixth consecutive world title.

Results aside, it will be a long time before people forget about his feats from last year, when he took it upon himself to hit the pro straight and come away with a first place in the 11-12 open invitational Race of Champions event.

A major feature of the ‘the greatest race on earth’ is the Race of Champions event which will be on this Friday (Nov 23). The invitational spectacle gives riders the chance for more silverware and a perfect opportunity to test their skills before racing commences the following day.

Last year, there were nine Australian’s who found the podium ensuring that the host country will remember how competitive the Aussie riders are in the ROC event. They were:

  • Portia Eden: 2nd, 9-10 mixed open
  • Thomas Tucker: 1st, 11-12 open
  • Isabella Schramm: 1st 11-12 mixed open
  • Shannon Petre: 2nd, 13-14 mixed open
  • Kira Hill: 4th, 13-14 mixed open
  • Jesse Asmus: 8th, 13-14 open
  • Oliver Moran: 2nd, 15-16 open
  • Ashlee Miller: 2nd, 15-16 open
  • Aislynn Weber: 8th, 17-20 mixed open

With grands registration still open until the opening day on Thursday, below are the known confirmed Aussies who are launching their Grands assault.

  • Kye Affoo
  • Isha Anderson
  • Tayla Cloete
  • Jayce Cunning
  • Harvey Dale
  • Nathaniel Darko
  • Harrison Davis
  • Jack Davis
  • Yasmin Ford
  • Jye Hombsch
  • Peter Little
  • Porschea Longbottom
  • Aston Longbottom
  • Jack Lupton
  • Wade Mundie
  • Ian Orr
  • Keiryn Orr
  • Nathaniel Rodway
  • Joe Tate
  • Tyler-Lea Thorley
  • Thomas Tucker
  • Kale Warner
  • Zack Weight
  • Bill Woodward
  • Malcolm Yeardley
  • Paul Drury
  • Letitia Weatherhead
  • Josh Nash
  • Matt Krasevskis
  • Kai Angel
  • Isaac Kennedy
  • Brett Scruse
  • Cameron Gatt
  • Portia Eden

Leading the team are a number of riders using their successful year to boost their confidence ahead of racing.

National champion Letitia Weatherhead from Bayside BNX Club will be eager to test her skills overseas after comprehensively winning the 30+ masters and the 35-39 women’s cruiser national series titles.

Another rider full of steam is Lake Macquarie’s Nathaniel Rodway, who not only won the junior elite national title but also the UCI national series as well.

Pine Rivers’ Kye Affoo will definitely be one to watch after spending the duration of his 2018 season in the USA. His #W6 plate from Baku will also be an added spring to his pedalling as he takes on a competitive field.

We wish all riders the best of luck and look forward to hearing of your achievements over the weekend.

You can follow all the action throughout the event by watching the live stream – HERE.

Be sure to keep up to date with the action on the USA BMX Facebook event page – HERE.

2018 USA BMX Grands Schedule

Thursday November 22 – All Day Practice

Friday November 23 – Race of Champions (invitational)

Saturday November 24 – Grands
1st Round of Motos (AM)

Pro Championships finals (PM)

Sunday November 25 – Grands

2nd Round of Motos, 1/8, ¼, semi’s and mains.

To see the flyer for the event – CLICK HERE