Catch up on all the action that went down in the fifth round of the UCI BMX Supercross World in Zolder!

There was high drama at the fifth round of the 2018 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup at Heusden-Zolder, Belgium with the Australian team missing out on a chance to battle for the podium in both the men’s and women’s event.

Starting off with the men’s class, Kai Sakakibara and Izaac Kennedy were in fine form throughout the whole day but coming down to the semi-finals both riders were pushed to the back of the pack to end their pursuit there.

Anything can happen on a BMX track and for our Rio Olympian finalist Anthony Dean, his campaign ended with a fall in the quarter finals after getting out to a great start sitting comfortably in third place.

It was a similar story for our 18-year-old women’s elite rider, Saya Sakakibara who has been a dominant podium placer throughout the whole world cup series with two bronze medals and one silver.

Making it into the semi-finals, Saya’s hopes for a fourth time on the podium were dashed after a fall on the first corner had her crossing the finish line last.

National Team Manager and 2008 Olympian, Luke Madill was impressed with the strong effort that the team put in but knows only too well how competitive the world cup series is.

“Zolder is a pretty tight track with not much room for mistakes so it really is do or die racing and no one backs down at this level,” Madill said.

“The whole team are pretty beaten and bruised at the moment but will learn from their mistakes today and see how they go in the next round.”

The winning riders on an action-packed start to the weekend in Belgium was Dutchman, Niek Kinmann who added a third gold medal to his tally so far in the series while on the women’s side, it was Great Britain’s Bethany Shriever who beat Judy Bauuw and world cup leader Laura Smulders both hailing from the Netherlands.

The rest of our Aussie contingent will be looking to improve on their performance and they will have the chance when round six kicks off to conclude the world cup weekend in Zolder tonight at 8:45pm AEST.

Canberra’s Harriet Burbidge-Smith unfortunately bowed out in the first round of the women’s alongside Adam Carey and Max Cairns in the men’s.

Ending their days in the 1/16 finals were Andrew Hughes, Brandon Te Hiko and Jye Hombsch while Shane Rosa got through to the 1/8 final before his day ended too.

Watch the full replay of the day below!

A lot can happen overnight, and history shows that the following day of racing has recorded some outstanding performances by the Australian team. Get ready for more racing!

PIC: UCI BMX Supercross Twitter page