The Aussie purple patch hit a bump in the second round of the UCI BMX SX World Cup at Shepparton.


After yesterday’s stellar results, Saya Sakakibara grabbing second in the women’s and Anthony Dean and Izaac Kennedy grabbing second and third respectively, there was high hopes amongst the crowd and Aussie camp.

Leading into the women’s final, Saya Sakakibara and Lauren Reynolds looked red hot in their early rounds and both qualified first and second in their semi-final moto, generating the second and third quickest times of the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, after a positive start, Sakakibara and Reynolds were caught up in a tangle of bikes at the first berm that left Reynolds on the tarmac and Sakakibara off the pace. It was a tough way to end a positive day of racing, with Sakakibara finishing fourth and Reynolds finishing sixth.

Both riders looking to improve ahead of round 3 and 4 of the world cup next week.

“I’m disappointed right now, I was riding really good today and yesterday as well, even with the wind but then the crash at turn one, I just hung on, but I was too behind, “ Sakakibara said.

I’m feeling ready, physically I’m there and I’m in contention to win so I just need to keep improving,” Sakakibara said looking ahead towards the next two world cup rounds in  Bathurst next week.

Caroline Buchanan improved on her quarter finals in round one and made the semi-finals of the world cup for the first time since 2016 at Papendal. Buchanan had a fantastic day of racing and is taking positive strides during her first return to a UCI event at Shepparton since her near career ending injury.

On  the men’s ledger, Dean and Kennedy were looking to maintain and improve their fantastic form from round one and started the day in a positive manner. Dean looked a hot favourite throughout the whole day, barnstorming every race and besting round one champion Niek Kimmann in the semis. However, in the final, Dean missed the beat on the start and felt the effect. In a valiant effort he jumped from eighth to fourth.

Throughout the day, Aussies were progressing in full flow with seven males and three females making the semi-finals. Kai Sakakibara improved on his round one result of the 1/8 finals and finished 16th overall. Alongside him, bowing out in the penultimate leg was Josh McLean, who finished 15th and made his first semi-final since 2017, with Izaac Kennedy taking out 14th and Bodi Turner taking out 13th.

For a full list of Australian results, see below:

Anthony Dean – FOURTH Saya Sakakibara – FOURTH
Bodi Turner – semi final Lauren Reynolds – SIXTH
Izaac Kennedy– semi final Caroline Buchanan – semi final
Joshua McLean – semi final Des’Ree Barnes – 1/8 final
Kai Sakakibara – semi final Annaliese Rokov – 1/8 final
Max Cairns – 1/4 final Erin Lockwood – Last Chance round
Andrew Hughes – 1/4 final Sara Jones – Last Chance round
Corey Taylor – 1/8th final Shannon Petre – Last Chance round
Matt Krasevskis – 1/16th final Georgia Potter – Last Chance round
Kyle Hill – 1/16th final Rachel Gaskin – Last Chance round
Bradley Game – 1/16th final Kiana Botfield – Last Chance round
Nathaniel Rodway – 1/16th final
Matthew Tidswell – 1/16th final
Jayce Cunning – 1/16th final
Joshua Boyton – 1/16th final
Kale Warner – 1/16th final
Oliver Moran – 1/16th final
Shane Rosa – 1/16th final
Joshua McDermott – 1/16th final
Hayden Fletcher – 1/16th final
Jye Hombsch – 1/16th final
Wade Turner – Last Chance round
Dylan Bennetts – Last Chance round
Damon Hocking – Last Chance round
Corey Frieswyk – Last Chance round
Ashton Wypch-Coles – Last Chance round
Ethan Zrna – Last Chance round
Jamie Gill – Last Chance round
Harrison Craig – Last Chance round
Jayden Keogh – Last Chance round
Patrick Bognar – Last Chance round
Nathan Glab – Last Chance round
Diesel Connor – Last Chance round
Benjamin Bullen-Aslin – Last Chance round
Adam Carey – Last Chance round
Marcus Wigg – Round One