The Australian Cycling Team is pleased to announce the BMX Race Individual Athlete Performance Support (IAPS) memberships for 2019-20.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Craig Dutton

The quartet of Saya Sakakibara, Caroline Buchanan, Kai Sakakibara and Anthony Dean will receive the IAPS support.

“With Anthony Dean and Kai Sakakibara setting the fastest and fourth fastest laps in the elite men’s competition, and Saya Sakakibara setting the fastest lap for the elite women during the 2019 World Championships in July, it demonstrates that the Australian Cycling Team BMX Race athlete members are on track for Tokyo 2020,” said Australian Cycling Team BMX Technical Director Wade Bootes.

“With the extended support the Australian Cycling Team has provided Caroline during her recovery period, and after recent observations of her in training, we believe it won’t be long until Caroline will be in a similar position from when she last raced BMX Supercross in July 2017.”

With less than a year to the Games, Bootes believes the team is on target to qualify two positions at the Games in the men’s and women’s events.

“Our target for BMX IAPS is to deliver a medal in 2020 and we will continue to develop and support the athletes towards this trajectory,” added Bootes.

“It will be a challenging and close race between nations to secure two positions for both men and women. The riders will be competing and targeting key events to help the qualification process while keeping the core performance objective the priority.”

The final two rounds of the 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup season will be held in September, with Australia set to host the opening two rounds of the 2020 Series in February in Shepparton and Bathurst.

The 2020 National Championships will feature in March, the 2020 World Championships head to the USA in May, while the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games BMX Race competition will take place on July 30-31.

Australian Cycling Team BMX IAPS Membership for 2019-20

  • Caroline Buchanan
  • Anthony Dean
  • Kai Sakakibara
  • Saya Sakakibara