BMX Clubs all around Australia are wrapping up their seasons with presentation nights and Christmas parties, Batemans Bay BMX Club are doing it in style!

Batemans Bay BMX Club has just wrapped up another successful year with their Christmas party and Presentation night for all Series 2 awards.

Batemans Bay Post has reported that every rider has had outstanding results this year and that there has been an incredible amount of effort behind the scenes which has kept the club running smoothly in 2017.

Special mentions should go to Nadine Crouch who received the Jack Waples Award for her never ending commitment to the club over the last year.

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The award for Rider of the Year had some exciting finalist with Sam Callaghan and Jaxon Pinder being contesters, but it was Leah Hearne who took out the top honours.

Alongside her success at Batemans Bay BMX Club, Leah will also be honoured with the opportunity to be a Batonbearer for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games! Her achievements on the track as well as her work inspiring other young girls to join this incredible sport has led her to this fantastic opportunity.

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Batemans Bay BMX Clubs Christmas party at Lakesea Park did what BMX events always do, they bring the community together to celebrate the fantastic sport they all participate in.

Children were seen enjoying themselves on bikes, monkey bikes and scooters. Even Santa made an appearance handing out goodies to the kids assisted with a face painting stand.

After a stellar 2017, the Club look to 2018 for an even better one.