World cup fever is building steam!

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Mitch Ramm

Preparations are well underway for the first four rounds of the 2020 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Australia and BMXA’s national coaching manager Luke Madill shared his thoughts after the first practice session over the weekend on the revamped Bathurst BMX track.

Luke Madill – BMXA’s National Coaching Manager

The first of four training camps for the upcoming world cup commenced over the weekend and there were a lot of positive vibes coming from the riders around the opportunity.

It’s a rare occasion for the world cup to come to Australia and I felt we needed to provide our riders with as many opportunities as possible, to make sure they are not just ready, but have that home track advantage which is a rarity for our riders.

BMXA were in support of these training camps and a big thank you needs to go to the Shepparton and Bathurst BMX Clubs for providing us with the facilities as we draw closer to the rounds.

Forty riders attended over the weekend and it was great to see them all working together and making the most of the opportunity.

Seeing the collaboration of national, HP, state and club riders coming together and supporting each other, was I believe a huge step forward and something I feel this country needs to see more of.

Bathurst turned on the weather which provided the riders excellent conditions to see the track at its best, which then allowed them to work out their race plans and tactics for the event.

This weekend also provided an opportunity for riders to experience the Bathurst track and work out if they are ready to take on a world cup event.

With the new changes, the track is extremely fast and being down-hill, riders will have to be a lot more accurate with regards to their skills, as little mistakes look like larger ones with the high speeds.

The wind can come into play and come from any direction, so riders will need a couple of game plans if the wind does pick up or change direction.

The hill is also sorting the riders out in that they can’t pedal through the transition, which isn’t something they’re use to.

The next stop is Shepparton where a lot of the riders experienced the track at nationals, yet some riders opted out of racing in the elite which means they will need time to get a feel for that 8-metre hill.

Seeing the quality of riding and riders coming together is something I would like to see more of post-world cups. This can then branch out to supporting the challenge classes and gender specific camps.

Hopefully these camps see a change in the culture of our sport where riders, coaches, states and clubs can see the developmental benefits everyone gains from our country working together.

Thank you to BMXA and the riders for a great weekend.

If you’re interested in signing up for the remaining camps – CLICK HERE