Find out who was fastest out of the gate and who shredded through the Tuggeranong track.

COVER PIC: Nathaniel Rodway leading the pack in the men’s superclass final at Tuggeranong BMX Club. (Pic courtesy of Squires BMX Shots)

All the numbers from round six of the 2018 BMX Australia National Series is coming your way and the next stop are the fastest lap times and gate starts.

The Tuggeranong BMX track is short, fast and a perfect opportunity to show who’s boss.

Getting out of the gate is important but maintaining your position and getting through unscathed is pivotal to getting across the finish line first.

Below are the top five fastest male and female lap times. Take a look!  

Fastest Male Lap Times 

  1. Nathaniel Rodway: 27.522 (Superclass FINAL)
  2. Matthew Tidswell: 27.885 (Superclass Semi-Final)
  3. Oliver Moran: 27.919 (Superclass Semi-Final)
  4. Jayce Cunning: 28.092 (Superclass Moto 3)
  5. Cody Fox: 28.320 (Superclass Moto 3)


Fastest Female Lap Times

  1. Leanna Curtis: 30.149 (Superclass FINAL)
  2. Des’ree Barnes: 30.372 (Superclass FINAL)
  3. Gemma-Lee Thomas: 30.858 (Superclass FINAL)
  4. Harriet Burbidge-Smith: 31.286 (Superclass FINAL)
  5. Shannon Petre: 31.504 (Superclass Moto 1)

Unluckily for Shannon she came down in the second moto of the women’s superclass division and couldn’t capitalise on her excellent first moto lap time. We wish her a speedy recovery and eagerly await her return on her bike.

The Tuggeranong track has many special characteristics but one thing a rider can do to make sure they have the best chance of taking the win is to get out of the start gate first. Getting out in front means that the pace can be set, and you can focus on the simple task of riding the track.

Below are the fastest gate starters from the weekend and there is no surprise that the male superclass winner Nathaniel Rodway is on top of the pile. 

Fastest Male Start Time

  1. Nathaniel Rodway: 2.939 (Superclass FINAL)
  2. Oliver Moran: 2.969 (Superclass FINAL)
  3. Matthew Tidswell: 2.970 (Superclass FINAL)
  4. Cody Fox: 2.981 (Superclass Semi-Final)
  5. Jayce Cunning: 3.001 (Superclass Moto 1)  


Fastest Female Lap Times

  1. Leanna Curtis: 3.132 (Superclass FINAL)
  2. Des’ree Barnes: 3.181 (Superclass Moto 3)
  3. Paige Harding: 3.309 (Superclass Moto 2)
  4. Leah Hearne: 3.219 (Superclass FINAL)
  5. Shannon Petre: 3.224 (Superclass Moto 1)

One thing that the women’s superclass winner, Leanna Curtis, is working hard on is her consistency out of the start gate and it is paying off with a dominating performance all weekend.

Take a look at the women’s superclass final below!

All eyes are now set on the seventh and final round of the national series which is making it’s stop at Launceston BMX Club on October 20.

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