Faster, more readily accessible BMXA membership management has arrived.

BMX Australia app officially launched

Less than a week after the unveiling of BMX Australia’s new website, the official BMXA app has been launched in order to better assist riders, coaches and officials manage their membership in a fast and efficient way.

With the creation of the app comes the advent of the ‘virtual card’ for members. This feature means that members no longer need to carry their membership card with them to events. Rather their card is stored online, in the app (or via a saved photo if you want faster access to it) and can be used in place of the hard card.

Hard cards will still be available to members in the immediate future, with a view to be phased out of production by July 1, 2018.

The virtual card also will display information about whether or not a rider, coach or official membership is valid, suspended or expired. In the instance where a member is a rider, coach and official, or combination of any two, the validity of all memberships will be shown on the card.

Members will also be able to view their membership history in the sport.

Clubs will also reap benefits from the app, with new members now able to sign up on the spot, directly from their mobile or tablet device. In addition to the membership services available on the app, riders will be able to quickly enter events, check the latest race results and quickly link to the BMX Australia website.

BMXA CEO Martin Shaw said that the development and launch of the new app was due to the hard work of his staff, also noting that its arrival will make the administrative lives of members easier.

“This app is about making the lives of our members easier, and ensuring that they always have access to their cards without fear of it being lost,” Shaw said.

“Significant time and consideration has been put into the functionality of the app, and that is what we hope that members find most useful about it. This app has the tools they need to manage themselves or their children with ease.

“In 2018, we hope to make continued improvements to the app, including a notification service to warn people of when their membership is expiring. We also plan on updating the system to allow families to manage multiple memberships from one account.”

The BMX Australia App can be downloaded from your online membership account or by searching for BMX Australia in the App Store for iOS users, while Android users can find it on Google Play.

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