As a national sporting organisation involved in a sport where learning to ride a bike is often considered “a rite of passage” and with more than 1.9million Australian children riding their bikes every week, BMX Australia supports the SportAUS Physical Literacy position statement.  

The position statement, released on 15 Oct 2019, outlines the commitment to help all Australians, especially children, bring out their best through physical activity and prioritise the health and wellbeing of Australians.

BMX riding attracts over 13,000 Australians annually to get on their bike and ride, starting from the age of 2yrs. It is the foundation bike riding sport for many other cycling disciplines including mountain bike riding, track and road. It includes the new “buzz” of Freestyle BMX as well as just encouraging bike riding for enjoyment and being active.

“The Physical Literacy Framework provides sporting and physical recreation organisations in Australia with the tools to ensure everyone has the skills to lead active and healthy lives,” said BMX Australia’s Chief Executive Officer Martin Shaw.

“BMX riding starts with the balancing skills of a strider bike from the age of 2yrs, with riding a bike and pedalling programs offered to children through to older adults from all walks of life.

“With programs such as Mini Wheelers (2yrs/non-pedalling) and Sprocket Rocket (U8 participation), BMX Australia is focused on providing programs for all ages and abilities in environments where anyone can become involved in riding their bike. Our programs help develop knowledge, skills, confidence and independence to ride a bike.”

BMX Australia is among more than 50 sporting organisations and physical activity providers to support the SportAUS statement on and framework around Physical Literacy. Others include Tennis Australia, Swimming Australia, Gymnastics Australia, National Rugby League and Cycling Australia.

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Physical literacy is about developing knowledge and behaviours that give children the motivation and confidence to enjoy active lifestyles. Establishing active habits in children sets them on the path to happier and healthier lives, paving the way for a more productive Australia.

BMX coaches and families play a crucial role in promoting and developing physical literacy through being part of BMX clubs and embracing daily play and physical activity. BMXA development  programs focus on developing physical, social, psychological and cognitive skills in its riders and sport participants.

BMX Australia congratulates SportAUS on its physical literacy framework and leadership and the release of its Position Statement on Physical Literacy.

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