UCI Career Numbers


On 1st August 2006, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) introduced a permanent number system for Men and Women Elite.

On 14th of September 2018, the UCI introduced a new rule:

 International Elite Number System 6.1.094

The International Elite Number System (formerly known as the Permanent Career Number system) is for Men Elite & Women Elite category only. This system allows the top riders determined as defined below in article 6.1.095 to choose a specific number for themselves which they have the exclusive right to use for the entire Olympic Quadrennial for which it was awarded. Elite World Champions and Olympic Champions shall have the right to use this number for their entire Elite career

For ruling of 6.01.095, please refer to Page 8 – Click Here.

Please note the following important part of this rule:

The International Elite Number list defined in January 2018 shall be frozen until 31st December 2020; during this period of time, International Elite Numbers shall neither be granted nor removed.   


The 2018-2020 UCI International Elite Numbers can be found here – Click here! (Updated after 2019 UCI BMX World Championships).

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