With October 1 fast approaching, here is an update on what’s going on behind the scenes in the AusCycling transition process.

We are very appreciative of the array of questions and feedback from members and the whole cycling community regarding our AusCycling Transition updates.

With less than two months until the start date, here is the next update with more in depth information regarding some of the working groups and the latest information.

Fundamental updates

Under AusCycling, clubs will have the ability to set their own fees, charged to members at the time of membership purchase/renewal.

AusCycling will recommend an annual club membership fee, however, ultimately each club will be responsible for determining their individual membership fees.

The AusCycling coaching and development staff are hard at work combining resources, updating coaching and instructor courses, and moving parts of the delivery process online.

Future courses will consist of generic coaching and skills instruction content along with specific modules which will allow coaches/skills instructors to specialise in one or more cycling disciplines.

There is nothing that you need to do during the transition process, as all memberships, coach and instructor accreditations, will be rolled into AusCycling on Day 1.

Further transition updates

The AusCycling events working group has consulted with clubs and states on an integrated events system and calendar for 2021 and beyond. This is an ongoing process that requires a lot of collaboration and sharing of ideas.

We have been asked through various channels how AusCycling will maintain the identity of BMXA or MTBA. In AusCycling, the valued volunteer base will be retained alongside all existing staff from each discipline. This allows AusCycling to maintain the strong networks and discipline-specific knowledge of each sport, ensuring member services and local needs are met.

Following a previous update, a question was raised regarding working groups, some may appear to be missing, such as trails advocacy, these working groups are not missing, these services and actions will be provided and built upon inside AusCycling from Day 1. Currently, the key working groups are focused on the requirements for transition, but they are not restricted to what AusCycling will be after establishment.

Over the next couple of weeks, AusCycling will be releasing an initial range of branded merchandise for pre-order by members – keep an eye out for details.

Once again, we want to reinforce that there is nothing you need to do as a member during this transition, all members and all clubs will be automatically rolled over as foundation members of AusCycling on October 1, 2020.

Thank you to all members of the cycling community for your continued support. We recognise this transition will have teething issues along the way and appreciate your patience in our attempt to deliver an organisation that is focused on benefiting members and clubs.

We look forward to bringing you AusCycling and keeping you informed – Let’s Ride Together.

Warm regards,

Shane Coppin



CEO of BMX Australia