If you weren’t at a BMX track over the weekend, then you were a part of a minority as 17 clubs across Australia dropped their gates for an action-packed few days. Here’s what happened at one of them!

COVER PIC: Ava GRace and Amber Rossborough from the Ace Race Factory team at the Wyndham Warriors BMX Club. (Pic courtesy of the Ace Race Australia Instagram.)

From the first round of the Northwest Super Series at Hedland BMX Club in WA, to the second round of the BMX Tasmania State Series at Southern City. Riders of all ages and abilities got their share of BMX action over two days. (For a full list of clubs and their results, scroll to the bottom.)

Catching this week’s Tales from the Berm spotlight was the Wyndham Warriors BMX Club in Victoria, who held their 2019 Battle of the Warriors for over 250 competitors.

There were 35 competitive and participatory classes who took part in the open with many stringing together some impressive performances.

The winning riders who found the top spot on the podium were:

  • Maya Ellis: 8-boy’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Drew Halloran: 8-girl’s (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Fergus Wiggins: 9-boy’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Chloe Mitchell: 9-girl’s (Eastfield BMX Club)
  • Tyla Hall: 10-boy’s (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Heidi Gill: 10-girl’s (Knox BMX Club)
  • Kai Stevenson: 8-9 girl’s/boy’s novice (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Jett Brunton: 8-10 boy’s cruiser (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Deegan Moloney: 10/11 girl’s/boy’s novice (Eastfield BMX Club)
  • Aiden Hall: 11-boy’s (Knox BMX Club)
  • Ava Sproat: 11-girl’s (Lilydale BMX Club)
  • Cameron Gatt: 11-12 boy’s cruiser (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Sebastian Fraser: 12-boy’s (Knox BMX Club)
  • Tyson Skinner: 12/13 girl’s/boy’s novice (Northern BMX Club)
  • Cameron Gatt: 13-boy’s (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Ava Fenton: 13-girl’s (Bendigo BMX Club)
  • Jai Copland: 13-14 boy’s cruiser (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Samuel O’Grady: 14-boy’s (Bendigo BMX Club)
  • Austin McNair: 15-boy’s (Shepparton BMX Club)
  • Amarli McKenna: 15-girl’s (Warrnambool BMX Club)
  • Kane Stewart: 17-24 men’s cruiser (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Brandon Ash: 17-24 men’s (Wyndham Warriors BMX Club)
  • Shallan Pompe: 17-24 women’s (Ballarat-Sebastopol CC BMX Club)
  • Adam Ahearne: 30-34 men’s (Bendigo BMX Club)
  • Katie Dall’Oste: 30-34 women’s (Park Orchards BMX Club)
  • Robecca Toleman: 30-34 women’s cruiser (Warrnambool BMX Club)
  • Darren Parker: 40-44 men’s (Wyndham Warriors BMX Club)
  • Tania Mundie: 40-44 women’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Grant Hines: 40-44 men’s cruiser (Northern BMX Club)
  • Carolyn Rogers: 40-44 women’s cruiser (Knox BMX Club)
  • Gary Morgan: 50+ men’s (Wyndham Warriors BMX Club)
  • Tamara Davis: 50+ women’s (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Harry Ansell: 50+ men’s cruiser (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Jamie Truran: 35+ masters open wheel (Wyndham Warriors BMX Club)
  • Adam Glanville: 40+ retro (Frankston BMX Club)

The superclass riders also put on a spectacular display of racing with Rio Olympian Bodi Turner chief among them, winning every moto before turning on the afterburners to get the top spot in the final. Joining him on the podium in second was home dirt rider William Lees and Casey’s Dane Van Laeren in third.

In the superclass women’s final, Knox rider Phoebe Wallen had a tough battle on her hands with Lilydale’s Julie Urben di Giaimo pressuring her all the way to the finish line. Wallen got the win with Urben di Giaimo close behind her for second and Wyndham’s Amanda Morgan in third.

For a full list of results from the weekend – CLICK HERE

 Take a look at this great photo from Ace Race Australia!

It’s a girls only day today at Wyndham BMX Club for the ACE crew 💪 Best of luck to @ava.bmx and @amberrossborough72…

Posted by Ace Race Australia on Saturday, May 4, 2019


While riders got their share of BMX action on Aussie soil, Australia’s elite women’s national champion Erin Lockwood competed in rounds five and six of the UEC European Cup in Norway.

The Nerang rider came away with a fourth place in round five and a sixth place in round six on overall points. She now packs her bags for rounds three and four of the 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Papendal, The Netherlands.

More to come in the future on that!

Saturday May 4th

  • Northwest Rd1 Super Series – Hedland BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Rd1 Bunbury Rd1 – Bunbury BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • BMX Tasmania, State Series Rd2 – Southern City BMX ClubCLICK HERE
  • BMXNT Grand Tour 2 – Satellite City BMX ClubCLICK HERE
  • Macarthur BMX Series, Rd7 – Macarthur BMX Club CLICK HERE
  • Metro Interclub, Rd2 – Castle Hill BMX Club CLICK HERE
  • SR Clubby, Rd7 – San Remo BMX ClubCLICK HERE
  • Sunbury Clubbie – Sunbury BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Super Nats – Cross Keys BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Terrigal BMXC Rd6 – Terrigal BMX ClubCLICK HERE
  • Wicket Gates – Park Orchards BMX ClubCLICK HERE

Sunday May 5th

  • Reliance Partners Insurance Brokers WA Super Series Rd4 – Southside BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • BMXSA State Series Rd3 – Cross Keys BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Hawkesbury BMX Series Clubby 4 – Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Jingili Fastest on Track – Jingili BMX Club – CLICK HERE
  • Metro Interclub – Rd3 – Castle Hill BMX Club CLICK HERE

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