Last weekend 8 BMX mums 2 riders and 1 former riders who met through the sport spent a weekend together, without a bike in sight

We call it the #BMXAFamily, we share photos of kids on bikes, families at the track and podium winners and use that as an explanation for it. Like all sports, BMX unites people and forges friendships that last a lifetime…but it’s not always just on the track that it does so.

For 11 women who have either ridden or supported their kids, it is BMX that brought them together. Last weekend these ladies enjoyed time together away from the track on a three-day cruise off the east coast of Australia.

Sailing the high seas were Lauri Cox (Lake Macquarie BMX), Melissa Elton (Terrigal BMX Club), Leanne Hayter, Melanie Gibson (Sydney BMX Club), Kelly Nutbeam (former Hawkesbury BMX), Glenda Fryer (LMX Bicycle Supercross), Maree Ruks (Lake Macqaurie BMX Club), Michelle Morgan (Tuggernanong BMX Club), Cathy Holmes (Macarthur BMX Club), Tenae Brooks (Maitland BMX Club) and Melissa Chambers (Manning Valley BMX Club).

The ladies represent clubs from Taree in the north of NSW to Tuggeranong in southern ACT, and earlier this year planned and booked the trip with the diligence of a rider preparing for their maiden national titles. As it turns out, the preparation was just as enjoyable as the trip itself with Chambers crediting BMX for friendships that will last a lifetime.

“We’ve all made these long-distance friendships over the years in canteens, on the sidelines and at staging around the traps,” Chambers said.

“We decided it was time to ditch our families for some good old-fashioned rest and relaxation.

“It was a lot of fun for us to get together and organise costumes and travel arrangements. From trains, buses, car trips and a couple of ferries, many journeys were made in order to all meet up on board the Pacific Eden for a long weekend. We made memories and enjoyed a lot of laughs!

“It just goes to show that BMX is an amazing sport where wonderful friendships are made, no matter what the distance. AHOY LADIES!”

Sorry kids, but this weekend looked like a whole lot of fun and we’re glad that your mum’s said sayonara for a few days.

Riders, remember to thank your mum’s (and dad’s!) for all they do for you at your local club.  And parents – remember to thank your kids for so eagerly participating in a thrilling sport that fosters new friendships at the track.