Please see below the outcome of  BMX NSW SGM last night in regards to the AusCycling proposal.

Club representatives of BMX NSW returned a strong vote in favour of the formation of AusCycling at a Special General Meeting (SGM) held last night.  Thank you to all club representatives who participated in the process and exercised their right to vote. BMX NSW joins five other BMX Australia affiliates in Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, the ACT and the Northern Territory in resolving to support AusCycling.

BMX Australia, whose Board has publicly backed the AusCycling proposal, will hold its SGM next Monday evening, 17 February. If AusCycling is endorsed at that meeting, BMX Australia will become the second National Sporting Organisation after Mountain Bike Australia to formally support the formation of AusCycling.

Cycling Australia has scheduled an SGM for 27 March for its affiliates to vote on the AusCycling proposal.